The Growth Story of Black Wolf Nation in eCommerce and 3PL

  • 250% increase in order volume
  • Expanded specialty services like order personalization

Black Wolf Nation & ONE23 Fulfillment Conquered eCommerce and Took on the 3PL Industry, All with ShipHero

Black Wolf Nation began its men’s skincare line in 2018, going from zero orders to 800 orders per day in just under three years! Once Black Wolf’s volume increased, their current solution, ShipStation, just couldn’t keep up. Their inventory counts were always off, and as their daily order count kept rising, they needed a better warehouse management software solution.

Enter ShipHero. With our powerful warehouse management software, ShipHero was able to provide Black Wolf Nation with the tools it needed to scale up quickly, efficiently manage its shipping operations and grow from not just one business, but two. (More on that later.)

A Grooming Company Looking for Polish

When Alex Lewkowict and his brother Sam co-founded Black Wolf Nation, they started from scratch. It was a brand new company with new products and zero orders going out the door until they made it happen. Starting out with ShipStation, as BlackWolf Nation grew it became apparent to Alex that a more powerful software solution was necessary. Here’s what Black Wolf needed.

  • Scalable solution that could keep up with Black Wolf’s skyrocketing growth
  • Accurate and real-time inventory counts
  • Automation that would make it easy to pick, pack and ship orders

Ready for the Next Level

By partnering with ShipHero, Black Wolf Nation was immediately able to scale their growth, going from 10,000 orders a month during onboarding to over 25,000 orders a month, in less than a year. “We really needed a better warehouse software solution,” Alex Lewkowict, COO & Founder of Black Wolf Nation, said.

Even though ShipHero comes at a higher price point than ShipStation, Alex soon realized that it would pay for itself immediately. “The rate shopping alone will pay for the software,” he said. “Add in the bulk shipping and kitting functions and it’s so much more ecient and automated.”

Alex also credits one of ShipHero’s superstars, Matt Dickman, with really shepherding him and Black Wolf through the onboarding process. “He almost became a mentor,” Alex said. “Most of what I know about warehousing came from Matt.”

First, There Was One … Now, There’s Two

A unique aspect to Alex and Sam’s story is that they grew from one company, a men’s skin care brand to two, starting a 3PL business named ONE23 Fulfillment. Alex credits ShipHero with giving them the ability to even consider starting their own 3PL.

“ShipHero has helped us address all of our challenges, and makes it so easy to run our 3PL business. Adding clients to the system is so easy,” Alex said.

When asked about recommending ShipHero to others, Alex’s answer was an emphatic yes. “Highly recommend,” he said. “Really it’s the difference between little league versus pro,” Alex told us when trying to compare us with his former solution. “We’ve just become much more sophisticated, much more efficient.”

Alex’s path is similar to ShipHero’s CEO & Founder, Aaron Rubin, who also started his own eCommerce brand and then wrote ShipHero’s software and began his own fulfillment company. Two awesome startup brands and 3PL journeys that ShipHero helped scale!

Tools for Success

Black Wolf Nation and ONE23 Fulfillment are looking toward the future with ShipHero. “We just launched workflows,” Alex said. “We’re looking to do more personalization, like custom printed gift message cards. We’ve already got a jewelry client that we’re doing custom engraving for.”

ShipHero has been able to grow with Black Wolf Nation and ONE23 Fulfillment, giving both companies the processes and technology they need to scale and automate their operations and find success.

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