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We’re Just Human! Podcast: Christmas Edition with Amber Nore

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Welcome to our fourth episode of We’re Just Human, a short format sort of show that features mostly sane people talking about mostly interesting things and the things we’re all dealing with in this thing called life.

Episode 4 features Amber Nore of snapchat fame, who covers many projects, works in retail, hosts several shows including Tea & Tomes as well as sings with a band. The more of these episodes we do, the more I realize just how boring I am!

In this episode we cover more random topics centered around social media, working in retail, raising your fam while working in retail, and living to learn, grow and enjoy your passions while helping others in this big wide world.

You can connect with and learn more about Amber on twitter, Instagram, and of course, snapchat @ambercamille76

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