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As the average person’s shopping habits continue to evolve, so do the ways brands get products in their customers’ hands. The eCommerce industry has exploded in recent years, with companies constantly seeking out affordable, creative and effective ways to stand out from the competition while offering a convenient buying option. 

The option to buy online and pick up instore, known as “BOPIS,” has allowed brands with brick-and-mortar locations to bridge the gap between their online and real-world storefronts. As BOPIS becomes more commonplace, online retailers are feeling the pressure to offer a pickup option as well. 

Parcel lockers, a major feature of ShipHero Fulfillment Canada, are one method of expanding delivery options and allowing customers to get their orders in the way that best suits their lives. eCommerce shippers without the advantage of a brick-and-mortar storefront can have orders placed in these easy-to-access units, making life easier on the customer while saving on last-mile shipping.

What Are The Advantages of Parcel Lockers? 

The growing popularity of in-person pickup is obvious when you consider the benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages parcel lockers provide and what benefits they might have in store for your brand. 

Customer Convenience

One of the major advantages of parcel lockers is the added customer convenience they provide. While in-store pickup only allows customers to collect their orders during regular business hours, parcel lockers can be accessed 24/7, allowing buyers to retrieve a package at a time that suits them best. 

Allowing customers to arrive at the warehouses themselves also eliminates the need for last mile shipping, one of the more expensive steps in the fulfillment process. Avoiding the cost of postage, labeling and carrier fees can mean major savings for customers, encouraging them to continue using your brand as an affordable and convenient buying option.

Parcel Security 

Outdoor storage lockers are exposed to the elements, but their contents won’t be. ShipHero Fulfillment Canada’s weatherproof outdoor locker system is designed to withstand the climate extremes of Canada, ensuring your items remain undamaged and shielded from the elements. 

If you’re shipping perishable items, the inside of storage lockers are temperature controlled. This provides an ideal storage solution for eGrocers that need their fulfillment partners to make sure their products are kept fresh. 


One of the key expectations for customers and shippers alike is visibility. Partnering with a fulfillment 3PL that offers top-tier reporting and visibility gives you a better grasp on the progress of your shipments. That information can also be pushed to your customers, keeping them up to date on when to expect the item’s arrival. 

B2B Distribution

Not only do parcel lockers make receiving orders easier for customers, but partnering businesses can also benefit from this feature. If you’re shipping component parts across Canada, for example, ShipHero Fulfillment Canada can facilitate those customers picking up the item at the time and location that works best for them. 

With parcel lockers as one of your brand’s delivery options, business customers can place an order online, select the dropbox nearest to them, and be automatically notified when the package is ready for pickup. Once it’s ready, those lockers are accessible 24/7. 

How Do Parcel Lockers Work? 

For any eCommerce delivery strategy, visibility is key. Clear and consistent communication with the customer can minimize the risk of misships and costly returns, while supporting your buyers and giving them a reason to return in the future. 

When an order is placed and pushed to ShipHero, buyers and sellers are provided with a comprehensive report of the package and can track its progress as it moves throughout the fulfillment process. When a customer opts for a parcel locker pickup, they are sent a barcode and pin code that grants them access to the locker at the specified location. 


Big brands aren’t the only ones that can offer a pickup delivery option. Now, thanks to parcel lockers throughout Canada, exclusively online stores can give their customers the convenience of a 24/7 pickup option. 

If you’re looking for a fulfillment partner to help optimize your delivery process, contact the Fulfillment Experts at ShipHero today.

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Ryan Bennet Vice President Sales, Fulfillment


About the author: Ryan Bennett is the Vice President of Fulfillment Sales at ShipHero. He is responsible for the overall growth of ShipHero Fulfillment by managing the fulfillment sales team. Bennett’s strengths come from being able to relate to anyone and embracing new challenges, as well as an unrelenting sense of determination and the ability to resist rejection. As a leader at ShipHero, he believes that an outstanding leader should be the #1 cheerleader for their team and try to highlight each team members’ unique skills. Plus, he believes in leading by example and being involved on the ground floor. Ryan’s passion for business comes from solving logistical problems, learning about clients’ unique businesses and meeting new and interesting people. Other areas of interest include start-ups, equality, the environment and painting.

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