St. Paddy’s Day, LAB MADE BABES…

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Hey theEre Packeteers, 
Happy FRiday from your hmble Packet writer! Did yuu take it easy this Saint Pattyricks’s day like I did?! Yuu celebrating Saint Josepph’s tooday? NO I didn’t spend all my stimmy on whisky.. Hey I’m fine to write this, seriously I’mFINE. Gimme the laptop. I can tYpe.

Seeing Green

Even if you didn’t wear green, Americans were certainly seeing green this St. Patrick’s day when the second round of pandemic stimulus checks bagen to hit their bank accounts. The most recent $1,400 direct payment will help a lot of individuals pay for very basic necessities like rent, food and utilities. (Track your stimmy here.)

Economists believe that the stimulus checks could provide a much needed boost to the hard-hit retailer sector. Did that peak your interest? Well, it certainly didn’t for…


On Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Reserve announced that there will be no interest hikes until 2023, keeping prime interest rates near 0%. What does this mean? Borrowing money from banks will continue to be extremely cheap, which makes it easier for people to get the capital they need to start a business or make a major purchase. In the same announcement, the Fed increased their U.S. GDP estimate and lowered the unemployment estimate… so things are looking up for the economy?


Not to mention, vaccine production is ramping up, about 8% of the population has been vaccinated thus far, and the first American baby has been born with antibodies against COVID-19 after the mother received the Moderna vaccine whilst pregnant. Adorable and ground-breaking.

Thank you.

After 14 beautiful weeks at the helm of the Packet, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of the Packeteer subscribers that have joined us every Friday. I hope you enjoy reading it as I enjoy writing it, and if you ever have interesting topics to cover or want to connect, email us here.

SEe I TOLD you I could do it…

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Lab-made Human Embryos

Bold title to lead in with, explain. This week, research papers have revealed for the first time that scientists have created living organisms that resemble human embryos. Using stem cells or reprogrammed skin cells, scientists were able to create clumps of cells that look just like pre-embryos.

Daylight Savings Time

It happened, in case you didn’t know why you’ve been late to everything this week. Thanks farmers.

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