ShipHero Welcomes Alloy to its E-Commerce & 3PL Software Integrations

ShipHero is very proud to announce its partnership with Alloy, a Silicon Valley-based provider of automation solutions for ecommerce. Alloy’s software allows you to automate your store’s marketing, operations, fulfillment, rewards, and much more.

With Alloy, you can easily set up automation to send emails and manage orders, freeing up time for you and your team. Alloy has over 200+ workflows that enable you to improve customer retention and ensure a greater customer experience overall.

Here is a screenshot showing the set up of a ShipHero workflow that triggers events from ShipHero. Data from ShipHero can then be sent to other apps. Users can add logic and conditions for filtering that data.

Recipe: Send reorder emails or Slack notifications to staff for low inventory in ShipHero

A great way to organize the flow of customer traffic and inventory is with our workflow.

Our workflow automates reorder emails to be sent to staff when there is low inventory in ShipHero. This ensures that your team can restock inventory at a reasonable pace and without over-stocking.

You can get setup with this workflow immediately by using Alloy’s prebuilt workflow recipe:

Recipe: Tag Shopify orders based on ShipHero delivery date

Tagging orders is a good way to stay organized especially when your store is expanding globally and there are multiple orders placed on the same day.

This workflow tags Shopify orders based on the ShipHero delivery date. This means that all orders are tagged by date allowing you to view which days are busy and how many orders are expected to ship out weekly.

Apps used: ShipHero, Shopify

Recipe: Set a ShipHero threshold to notify store owner of low inventory

Controlling inventory management can be stressful but with this well-equipped workflow, you can easily be notified of when your inventory is low in ShipHero. For instance, inventory levels are updated regularly and you receive inventory levels for each inventory item. When stock is low, you receive a notification.

Immediate notifications to store owners are key to restocking your inventory and satisfying your eager customers. These notifications can be sent through Slack and email.
Apps used: ShipHero

Recipe: If an order is still unfulfilled in ShipHero after 2 days, email me

Checking the fulfillment status can be time-consuming, especially when multiple orders need to be checked in ShipHero. It’s important to make sure your customers’ orders are sent out on time, but there’s a chance where your product might not be fulfilled by the expected date.

This automation will schedule a workflow after 2 days. Then, it will check to see if the order is unfulfilled for greater than or equal to 2 days. This will trigger an email notification to the store owner.
Apps used: ShipHero

Recipe: Automate fulfillment for Gorgias returns requests in ShipHero

You can automate customer service requests, specifically in shipping and support.

This workflow automates fulfillment for Gorgias return requests in ShipHero.

When a customer requests a return on Shippo, a Gorgias request is immediately created and sent. This frees up time from going back and forth between Shippo and Gorgias and ensures no information is lost.

Apps used: ShipHero, Gorgias

Recipe: Cancel ShipHero scheduled delivery if there is a Gorgias request

Customers will occasionally need to cancel their deliveries. But there’s no easy way for them to cancel a delivery for an order that’s already being fulfilled.

With this automation, customers can send in a support ticket for a cancellation request. Once your team marks it as a canceled order, an email is sent to the ShipHero fulfillment team so they won’t fulfill the order.

Apps used: ShipHero, Gorgias

Recipe: Send ShipHero delivery updates via Klaviyo SMS

SMS messages can have open rates as high as 98% and you’re not limited to using them for promotional campaigns. With this workflow, you can send delivery updates to customers through a text message to leverage higher open and engagement rates.

Here’s how it works: When a fulfillment event happens in ShipHero, a text message reminder is sent via Klaviyo to the customer that their order is out for delivery.

Apps used: ShipHero, Klaviyo
Alloy also has delivery update automations for Omnisend SMS, PostScript, SMSBump, and Tone.
Learn more about Alloy’s ShipHero integration here.
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