Objects! Podcast: Season One Recap

The Entrepreneurs We’ve Talked To This Season

It’s hard to believe that our little podcast, Objects! With ShipHero, has reached its season finale already. But what a season it’s been! From laughter to tears, we’ve navigated the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur with the help of ten inspiring guests who have launched successful products in the eCommerce industry. We feel grateful to have been able to share our guests’ journeys and learn from their experiences—cheers to all our fellow entrepreneurs out there crushing it every day. Keep launching, keep learning, and keep growing. 

Which podcast episode was your favorite? Which one inspired you? Let’s recap on a very successful season one and the fabulous guests we had along the way!

Episode 1: WiFi Thermometers and Hygrometers

Digital sensors. Who knew? Not these guys, until they discovered a way to make and sell digital sensors that measure humidity, temperature, and other environmental conditions. It turns out there are all sorts of people and businesses who need these sensors. So the entrepreneurs turned their creative consultancy into a thriving business, making and selling digital sensors to everyone from individuals to major corporations. What started as a simple idea has turned into something pretty amazing. Become a fan of SensorPush by listening to our podcast.

Episode 2: B Side: Sensor Push

If you’re feeling lost or adrift, take a page from Nick and Jonathan’s book and start selling something. It can be anything from your consultant skills or your story. The important thing is that you get started somewhere, and the rest will follow. Check out our interview with Nick and Jonathan from SensorPush to hear more about their entrepreneurial journey.

Episode 3: EDC Knives & Climate Friendly 3PLs

If you’re curious about the world of EDC, listen to our podcast with special guest Yong-Soo Chung. In this episode, you’ll learn about the community’s origins and what motivates people to seek out the best-made versions of unremarkable items. You’ll also hear hilarious stories about knives (you might even want to start carrying one yourself). Who knows? Maybe after listening to this episode, you’ll be inspired to launch your own online store for everyday carry enthusiasts.

Episode 4: D2C Jewelry Brand

Stefanie Taylor is the perfect example of a leader who knows how to read her market and adapt. She’s taken her 3rd generation retail jewelry company from $3M annual revenue to over $20M by being bold and pivoting her business model when necessary. If you want to learn more about being a successful entrepreneur, listen to our podcast with Stefanie herself. 

Episode 5: Healthcare Fashion

If you’re in the market for a good cry, listen to our podcast with special guest Chat Razdan. The founder of a healthcare fashion brand, Razdan, is radically changing how hospital gowns and other medical devices look and feel. He founded his company without any experience in healthcare OR fashion, proving that anyone can make an impact in this industry. So pull up a chair, grab some tissues, and enjoy the story of one man’s mission to make healthcare more comfortable for everyone.

Episode 6: B Side: Urban EDC

The world is a big place, but it can be even bigger if you’re willing to explore. I think that’s what our guest today was trying to say when he told us how far his journey has taken him – from Wall Street right into coding school and then onto taking tests selling headphones on Amazon! Listen up because this podcast could give insight to anyone who doesn’t know where their passions lie or how they should use them as an income source with a special guest: Yong-Soo Chung.

Episode 7: Adult Toys (and MORE)

As a self-taught entrepreneur, Anna Dee quickly learned that the best way to succeed was to dive in and figure things out as they came. Starting with handmade items on Etsy, she soon expanded her offerings and developed her website for her now wildly popular dildo business. That little venture turned into five successful companies, including a warehouse, online store, and community, where she teaches others about entrepreneurship and maintaining a positive mindset. Be sure to listen to this fun podcast about extraordinary and unique products. 

Episode 8: Antimicrobial Copper Phone Cases

Say hello to Nick O’Brien, the quintessential entrepreneur who didn’t let a global pandemic stop him from achieving his dreams. He co-founded a phone case company in quarantine and navigated the challenges of setting up a Shopify site and finding a manufacturing partner. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, his company even got featured on Good Morning America! How did he do it? Get ready to take some notes from this podcast and turn your quarantine ideas into a real business. 

Episode 9: African-Inspired Fashion

Meet Chioma and Uchenna, the entrepreneurial sisters behind the booming African-inspired fashion brand Cee Cee’s Closet NYC. From humble beginnings selling their wares at pop-up shops to being featured on NYC billboards, these ladies know how to make a splash in the business world. So how do they turn social media content into brand loyalty? It’s all about authenticity and connecting with their audience on a personal level. The sisters share key lessons learned during their journey, like the importance of taking risks and staying true to your mission. 

Episode 10: Vegan Cookie Dough

Erica Rankin is the mastermind behind Brodough, a vegan cookie dough company taking over Canada with its delicious and healthier-for-you treats. What started as a mere idea in Erica’s head blossomed into a full-fledged business, despite her lack of prior entrepreneurial experience. In this interview, we get to hear about Erica’s journey and learn some valuable tips for aspiring entrepreneurs. So if you’re looking for some culinary inspiration or just want to hear a delicious success story, be sure to give this podcast episode a listen.

Episode 11: Cold Water Smoking Pipes

Even if you’re not in the market for a smoking apparatus, Rich’s story is exciting and provides insight into what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. He has over 20 years of experience in the retail industry, which gives him the knowledge and skills necessary to design, manufacture, and market his products. If you are looking for inspiration or want to learn more about what it takes to start your own business, check out this episode of Objects! with ShipHero.

Get Inspired to Start Your Business Journey

It’s always exciting to see and hear about successful entrepreneurs constantly blazing their trails and setting new goals. They serve as examples of what is possible and inspire us to think outside the box and push ourselves to do better. So go ahead and check out some of their stories, and remember– entrepreneur or not– never stop dreaming big. 

Be sure to subscribe and follow Objects! With ShipHero on both iTunes and Spotify for even more success stories in season two. Thanks for tuning in!

Objects! with ShipHero is a detailed, 360′ exploration of eCommerce and shipping one object at a time. John Wakim, your new host and ShipHero Head of Partnerships, will drill into the details to help you make sense of this world. If you have an object that you want to profile, please send a note to John Wakim at pitch@shiphero.com.

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About the host: John Wakim is the Head of Partnerships at ShipHero and Host of the Objects! With ShipHero podcast. As an early-stage entrepreneur with experience in SaaS, eCommerce, and retail, John has a diverse background. His innate ability to embrace challenges head-on makes him an early adopter at heart. No matter if he’s working alone, with an in-house or remote team, with a vendor, or with an agency, John can wear many hats and roll up his sleeves and work relentlessly to meet goals.

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