Streamlining Success: How ShipHero Transformed 360Pro Fulfillment’s Game

Staying ahead of the curve is crucial in the fast-paced third-party logistics (3PL) world. That’s precisely what 360Pro Fulfillment, a rising star in the fulfillment industry, achieved by teaming up with ShipHero. In this blog, we’ll dive into their journey and explore how ShipHero’s innovative software solution turned their challenges into triumphs. 

Meet 360Pro Fulfillment: A New Player with a Fresh Approach

Founded in 2021, 360Pro Fulfillment is a three-person team with big dreams. Their mission? To provide top-notch 3PL services that streamline supply chain operations and put smiles on their clients’ faces. In a recent chat with Sean Doherty, Director of 360Pro Fulfillment, we uncovered their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation. With a dynamic team like theirs, 360Pro Fulfillment is undoubtedly one to watch in the coming years.

Before the ShipHero partnership, 360Pro Fulfillment was entangled in a web of frustration. Their previous 3PL software provider left them dealing with inventory discrepancies and needing better process alignment. They needed a game-changer, and it came in the form of ShipHero.

“Sitting in the client seat, we wanted a different system – and then getting to know the other side of that equation where we’re the 3PL. I think I have a much different understanding of the system compared to what I did with Shipstation.” -Sean Doherty, Director of 360Pro Fulfillment.

Experience Smooth Sailing Ahead

ShipHero didn’t just solve their problems; it set them up for success. They received a comprehensive suite of services, including 3PL software, client portals, and seamless QuickBooks invoicing through CSVs generated by ShipHero. Even as a remote owner/operator, Sean found the platform incredibly user-friendly and intuitive. And let’s not forget the mobile app for order fulfillment, a real game-changer!

But it didn’t stop at the ease of use. ShipHero offered invaluable support in onboarding and connecting new clients. This made transitions seamless, fostering better collaboration and a smooth learning curve. Their tech support was top-notch, ensuring quick issue resolution and boosting overall satisfaction.

“One of the most attractive features was the onboarding that was offered. We had weekly calls, and it was a really great introduction. Then, between calls, I could access the different videos and articles to bring myself up to speed.” -Sean Doherty, Director of 360Pro Fulfillment.

Growth and Collaboration

Thanks to ShipHero, 360Pro Fulfillment has expanded its client base and improved collaborations. ShipHero’s resources empowered Sean to guide clients through integration and connection processes, providing real-time data access for informed decision-making.

Sean’s ambitious goal of reaching one million orders annually suddenly became more achievable as ShipHero proved its mettle during significant events, like a Good Morning America promotion that triggered a flood of orders.

“Have had a goal now to get to 1,000,000 orders on a yearly basis, and that was set because USPS tells me our next price break would be at a million orders. So we haven’t reached it yet, but I’ve always been fully confident that we will get there.” -Sean Doherty, Director of 360Pro Fulfillment.

ShipHero’s Game-Changing Impact

360Pro Fulfillment is a staunch advocate for ShipHero, citing its user-friendly interface, responsive tech support, and robust resources as key strengths. The platform has been the linchpin in their global scaling journey, fortifying their position in the fulfillment industry.

As 360Pro Fulfillment grows, its strategic approach to order fulfillment will revolve around ShipHero’s software. This includes delving into bulk shipping and mobile picking features to enhance results and performance.

“Our team is much more a Bulk Ship mentality team. They really like using the Bulk Ship feature and printing through the desktop. They have fun with the mobile app and they’re all able to use it.” -Sean Doherty, Director of 360Pro Fulfillment.

The Bottom Line: Unleash Confidence and Peace of Mind with ShipHero

360Pro Fulfillment’s journey is a testament to ShipHero’s transformative power. They’ve achieved seamless and efficient fulfillment services with a user-friendly interface, a reliable support team, and nifty features like Bulk Ship and PostHero. If you’re in the 3PL game and seeking a software solution that simplifies warehouse operations and ensures accurate fulfillment, ShipHero should be on your radar.

ShipHero isn’t just a partner; it’s a catalyst for growth and efficiency in the dynamic third-party logistics world. Don’t miss out on the transformation – take your fulfillment game to the next level with ShipHero.

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