Calling All Gig Heroes

By all accounts, gig workers are redefining the American Dream. To date, over one third of Americans take advantage of the Gig Economy to enjoy the freedom of setting their own work schedule and chasing projects that resonate with their passions. 

There is only growth for gig workers forecasted on the horizon.

While US regulations are finally catching up to the speed at which the Gig Economy continues to grow, more and more major companies are adding freelancers and gig workers to their workforce at varying positions and ranks, up to about two thirds of major companies currently. And 80% of companies are planning to make the switch to independent work in the coming year.

Specifically, several sectors like the warehouse and ecommerce fulfillment industry are ramping up their use of gig workers due to the flexibility and expertise that they provide. Not only that, gig workers in these industries are constantly being offered full-time work if they need more stability. There’s just too much work in ecommerce fulfillment right now.

Gig workers have more control of their work life now more than ever.

Greater acceptance of remote work has proven to be a win-win situation for gig workers. That’s because their work can now transcend the boundaries of where they can physically show up to work, and at the same time, the demand for work that does require in-person attendance is only skyrocketing. 

With the advent of staffing platforms like Indeed and AngelList, it’s never been easier for businesses to find and team up with quality and trusted independent workers. This has led to many predictions that virtual organizations and solely-online retailers will continue to rise through the consistent employment of gig workers. 

Gig workers are always adept at finding that next big project.

76% of gig workers claim satisfaction in their work life, despite the pressure to continually find projects. But perhaps it is this pressure, rising to the challenge, designing a personal work style and life, that entices gig workers to this style of work in the first place.

Today, 15% of independent workers have side-gigs, and with services like Indeed and ecommerce platforms like Shopify that allow people to market and sell their services and goods like never before, this proportion is sure to grow.

Are you a Gig Hero?

We at ShipHero are seeking gig workers to become Gig Heroes at our warehouses as Pick-and-Packers and fulfillment specialists, because we value the expertise and flexibility that they bring to a work environment. We are currently hiring experienced warehouse team members to join our team to help us pick, pack & ship orders in our 150,000 sqft warehouse in our network in Pennsylvania. You’ll be part of a team that helps ship over $5 billion of e-commerce orders a year, and there’s always options for full-time employment.

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