Top 5 Best Order Fulfillment for Weebly

What is Weebly?

Weebly is a website builder with themes created by top designers. You can use the drag and drop builder, custom fonts, image editors, video backgrounds, site searches, and java script for those with coding experience. They do offer a free basic package in addition to paid packages which offer domain connections and more customization options. And on the eCommerce side Weebly offers a shopping cart, unlimited items, item options, inventory management, automatic tax calculators, and coupons for your store. 

What is Order Fulfillment?

If you own an eCommerce store or have thought about opening one, you know you need to get your product to your clients. Order fulfillment is the process in which this happens. You can either handle order fulfillment yourself, contract with a third-party fulfillment partner, or build out the logistical structure needed for your business like Walmart and Target have done. Many smaller companies prefer to use a third-party order fulfillment provider who has already created this logistical structure and makes profit by fulfilling the orders of several companies at once. 

How Does the Weebly Fulfillment Process Work?

Weebly does not currently have a way to get products to your clients. It is a website builder only. However it does have a slew of integrations which allows you to integrate your store with a fulfillment provider who can handle the process of inventory receiving, storing, processing, picking and packing, and shipping to the client. 

What Does A Weebly Order Fulfillment Provider Do?

When you receive an order on your stellar Weebly site, the fulfillment process begins. Your eCommerce store should be integrated into the software of your chosen fulfillment provider so you automate this process. Meaning when an order is received in your store your fulfillment provider is notified and can then pull the product from your inventory, pick, pack, and ship the product out

What Are the Benefits of Using a Weebly Order Fulfillment Service?

A fulfillment provider enhances the client experience. This means a higher rate of tracking for order shipping, more shipping options with negotiated rates, and less manual processes which can lead to lost orders. With their help you can be hands off when it comes to managing and shipping your inventory which gives you more time to run your business and ensures a high quality client experience. Because if someone has a great experience with you, they are highly likely to purchase from you again

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What To Look For In A Weebly Fulfillment Partner

When searching for the right fulfillment partner, there are many factors to consider. We have listed seven below which we recommend you consider. 

eCommerce Platform Integration

Fulfillment for your business works best when your fulfillment provider integrates directly into your online store. It gives you the advantage by allowing your brand to keep up when many clients convert on multiple channels at once. 

Order Fulfillment Speed

The speed of your fulfillment is a huge factor when clients make the decision to return to your store. In a world of single day and two day shipping, waiting any longer can stop your clients from completing orders, and send them looking elsewhere. 

Storage and Fulfillment Fees

Some fulfillment services charge for storage, by the item when shipped, or by monthly average order volume. When you store inventory with a fulfillment partner, they will likely utilize different fees for different aspects of your inventory. 


Costs for fulfillment providers may include storage costs, inventory levels, distribution costs, bin occupation, palletizing costs, packing costs, shipping costs, and more. Though many companies find these fees are preferred to the cost of setting up their own logistical operation.

Returns Management

A fulfillment provider who can help you with returns management in your eCommerce business can make all the difference. The hassle of returns can quickly turn off a client. If they have a bad experience you can almost guarantee they won’t purchase from you again. 

Multichannel Integration

With a multichannel integration you can sell online, in-store, on Amazon, on Etsy, and many other locations. Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google, and Walmart are key places to sell and a prime example of multichannel retailers. 

Ease of Use

Keep ease of use in mind when searching for a fulfillment provider. Using your fulfillment providers platform shouldn’t be hard. You should never be confused about where orders go or struggle to set up your logistical processes. The goal of this solution is to take work off your plate and give you back time.

Best Weebly Fulfillment Companies

As we looked at fulfillment provider options for Weebly, we kept the above seven factors in mind. Here are the five best Weebly fulfillment providers we found for your store. 

1. ShipHero

ShipHero is a solution that has it all. With a stellar warehouse management system and fully outsourced fulfillment, they have a solution for any business need you may face. Prepared to grow with you and offer you strategic insights, ShipHero is a high quality fulfillment provider who is ready to serve your eCommerce business. 


Offering an average of 30% faster shipping and 35% reduction in warehouse costs, ShipHero is also the fiscally sound solution. They offer a one click integration into your store, dedicated account resources, and a highly rated client support team who is available to serve you. 


If you would like a quote, you will need to request one on their website and give an account representative your eCommerce business information such as orders per month, size, and weight of the items you are shipping out. 


With ShipHero you purchase either the software and the fulfillment solution separately or together and you can get specific quotes for each offering by requesting one through their website. 

Find out more about ShipHero’s Fulfillment Solution

2. XPS Ship

This is a free shipping software which connects to your eCommerce store. With it you can print shipping labels, choose shipping rates from different carriers, and track your orders. You can ship both domestically and internationally and offer live client service should you need help. Though this is not a provider who can handle fulfilling your orders, if you want to try order fulfillment on your own, this is a great company to help you navigate the complexities of shipping rates. 


With this site you can compare different shipping options with pre-negotiated rates. They offer integrations into marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy, eBay, and Walmart and for your eCommerce website their integration is quick to set up.  


This solution does not offer fulfillment services so you will be shipping out your product on your own. 


This is a free software to use and has no user fees. There is a calculator on the rates page which allows you to compare shipping rates with your current provider. 

3. RedStag Fulfillment

This fulfillment company is focused on helping B2C and B2B online retailers with a cloud-based order fulfillment solution. They are trying to redefine fulfillment and want to become an extension of your business to help you achieve scalable growth. This is a very robust fulfillment solution with a high satisfactory rate and warehouses across the nation. 


RedStag has a high rate of inventory accuracy and order accuracy which will ensure a better client experience. If your items are heavy, and high value, RedStag offers best-in-class big product fulfillment. Plus their software integrates into your website, is simple to use, and gives you visibility into your order across the board. 


When using RedStag, clients are limited to using FedEx shipping only which can limit the negotiated shipping prices and options available. 


You can request a quote on RedStag’s website and receive a demo of their software. They use a pricing model which requires no long-term commitment, no setup fees, and no hidden fees. 

4. 3PL Central

This software is a warehouse management solution for 3PLs. If you fulfill your own orders with your own warehousing space, they are a solution which can help you improve paper based and error prone processes. Building out your own logistical solution isn’t easy. It takes time and a great deal of money. With 3PL Central you can get a head of the game and get your logistical systems running smoothly in no time. 


With 3PL Central you can optimize your warehouse operations, improve the efficiency of billing, go paperless, and get complete visibility into your inventory levels. This warehouse management software exists in the cloud and makes it so you can automate many routine tasks within your logistical processes. 


According to user reviews, some of the accounting features within the program can be complicated and a bit confusing to use. 


If you would like pricing, request a free demo on their website where a 3PL Central account representative will show you the user interface and workflow capabilities of the program then offer a custom quote based on your needs. 

5. WhiteBox

With Whitebox, you get a unique eCommerce platform which is both a fulfillment solution and an advertising agency. They help you manage your product listings, advertisements, and the sale of your products online. Plus they use both fulfillment and sales data to provide unique strategies to drive your brand growth. 


With this software, you can integrate to your store and any marketplaces you use. Whitebox will handle your inventory and can ship straight to your clients door. When you are ready to list your products you get access to a market place team who help you advertise and increase conversions on your listings. 


Whitebox is looking for clients who sell 1,000 orders per month on average as a minimum. 


On their website you can request a quote by filling out a very basic information form. Once you do so you will be contacted to discuss a customized quote. 

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Final Thoughts

Overall, Weebly is a great solution for your eCommerce store. Not only can you make beautiful websites with Weebly, but you can also integrate several different eCommerce apps and fulfillment solutions into your site. With this comprehensive list of fulfillment providers you should find the right solution whether you fulfill on your own, are looking for a third-party fulfillment provider, or want to build out your own logistical structure. Picking your fulfillment is an important part of your business’s growth and the right one should complement you and your business!

Order Fulfillment for Weebly FAQs

What Is Weebly Order Fulfillment?

Weebly currently doesn’t have an order fulfillment feature because it is a website builder. If you need any fulfillment for your eCommerce store, you will need to partner with a fulfillment service and integrate their offering into your Weebly store, or pack and ship orders yourself. If you have a fulfillment provider integrated into your Weebly store, you can automate the order process so when a customer purchases a product, the order is automatically sent to your fulfillment provider to begin the fulfillment process. 

How Do I Set Up Delivery on Weebly?

When prepping for a delivery, you can print shipping labels from your Weebly dashboard for self delivery. Or you can send your delivery to the fulfillment provider of your choice through integration into your weebly store. 

Can You Dropship on Weebly?

While Weebly doesn’t have dropshipping available on their basic site, there is an app in their app store you can integrate called Wholesale2B Weebly Listing Tool. This app lets you list products from any drop shipper directly on your eCommerce store. 

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