What Is Software for 3PL?

3PL software is a technological tool that assists organizations in managing their order fulfillment processes and warehouse operations. Within the third-party logistics environment, 3PL software technology enhances shipping speed, reduces costs, oversees retail distribution, and offers real-time insights into inventory. It also integrates with clients’ systems, ensuring simultaneous updates and eliminating errors. The software’s modules can be customized to fit various industries, including manufacturing and retail.

Benefits of Third-Party Logistics Software

3PL software offers various benefits to industries, brands, and organizations, including:

Prevent Human Errors

By automating manual tasks like billing, inventory management, kitting, and order tracking, a 3PL system saves time and labor costs. It enhances productivity by performing functions faster than human employees, allowing for better customer service, scalability and growth in sales channels.

Prevent Human Errors

3PL software minimizes the challenges of data entry and other error-prone processes, reducing costly mistakes. It ensures transparency and control over the data, preventing inconsistencies and errors.

Make Better Decisions

3PL software provides insights and reports on inventory levels, staff performance, and other essential facets. Managers can see automated reports to make informed decisions based on real-time data, improving overall goal achievement and organization alignment.

Promote Sustainability

3PL software contributes to sustainable third-party logistics and supply chain management. It optimizes transportation routes, reduces carbon emissions, and supports eco-friendly practices. It also offers a variety of shipping options and carriers like FedEx and UPS.

E-commerce Integration with 3PL Software: Boosting Online Sales Efficiency

In today’s digital era, e-commerce has reshaped business-customer interactions. The surge in online sales calls for seamless integration of a 3PL cloud software, ensuring swift and accurate order fulfillment, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Why E-commerce Integration Matters:

Integrating 3PL software with popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Amazon is a game-changer. This fusion automates processes, from order placement to delivery confirmation. This harmony keeps inventory levels, order updates, and shipping details in sync across multiple clients, eliminating risks of overselling or order mix-ups.


Imagine an artisanal coffee company facing a sudden wave of online orders. By meshing their e-commerce setup with 3PL software, they update inventory levels as coffee bags fly off virtual shelves. When an order pops up, the software triggers the warehouse to pick and pack the coffee, ensuring on-time delivery and accurate website stock status.

Efficiency Amplified: Warehouse Automation and 3PL Software

Innovations have fueled warehouse automation’s impact on supply chains. 3PL software smoothly dovetails with these advancements, optimizing warehouse and operational efficiency like never before.

3PL Software Orchestrating Warehouse Automation:

Picture 3PL software as the conductor of a symphony, coordinating robotic pickers, conveyor systems, and automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) in warehouses and fulfillment centers. The result? Streamlined order fulfillment with boosted speed, precision, and cost-effectiveness.


A fashion retailer, in cahoots with a 3PL partner, brings in robots to handle garment picking and packing. 3PL software takes the lead, directing robots to grab the right sizes and quantities. Simultaneously, it tracks each order’s journey in real-time. If an item runs out or needs replenishing, the software sends alerts, allowing warehouse managers and staff to intervene seamlessly.

Crystal Ball of Inventory: Forecasting Demand with 3PL Software

For seamless supply chain management, accurate inventory forecasting is the cornerstone. 3PL software equips businesses with data-backed foresight to manage inventory well, predicting demand, optimizing stock, and sidestepping stockouts or overstocking.

Elevating Inventory Forecasting with 3PL Software:

By crunching historical sales, market trends, and seasonality data from multiple locations, 3PL software conjures predictive insights. These insights steer businesses in making smart calls on inventory replenishment, ensuring products are available when customers seek them.


A toy manufacturer gears up for holiday rush by tapping into their 3PL software’s forecasting smarts. The software dives into past holiday sales patterns of various toy categories. Building on this historical wisdom, it proposes optimal stock levels for each toy. The result? Enough inventory to meet holiday demands, minus the headache of surplus stock post-season.

Integrating with e-commerce, coordinating warehouse management systems and automation, and fueling inventory forecasting, 3PL software emerges as a vital tool in the supply chain toolkit. Its adaptability and versatility make it the linchpin for businesses chasing efficient, customer-focused, and cost-efficient logistics solutions.

How to Maximize the Benefits of Software for 3PL

Maximizing the benefits of choosing the right 3PL software requires leveraging the expertise of logistics company and third-party logistics providers, clear communication, and focusing on improving specific KPIs. It involves setting clear goals and metrics, ensuring alignment with the organization’s objectives, and utilizing training modules for employees.

How to Get Started with Software for 3PL

Starting with 3PL software involves working with a third-party logistics provider. They usually bring their inventory and fulfillment software, ensuring customization of an easy to use platform to fit the organization’s needs. For more insights on choosing 3PL software, consult with the provider’s representative. Some providers offer demo versions to test the software’s functions and capabilities.

What Features Should You Look for in Software for 3PL?

When selecting 3PL software, look for user-friendly interfaces, cloud-based functionality, with real time visibility, one-time tracking, strong integrations with shopping carts, transport optimization, and scalability. Features like automated invoicing, multi-account support, dashboard functions, and excellent customer experience are also essential. The software should also support various workflows, levels of demand, and customization for different spaces like facilities and stores.

How Much Does Software for 3PL Cost?

The cost of 3PL software varies by provider. Most third-party logistics companies include software costs in their service fees and shipping costs. Some even offer specialized shipping software for different e-commerce platforms and B2C needs.

Best Software for 3PL

The best 3PL software solutions include ShipHero, Trimble, Fishbowl, Excalibur, and Syntelic. These providers offer a variety of features, catering to different sizes and types of businesses. They support functions like order processing, inventory, warehouse management system,, reporting, barcode scanning, and more, ensuring scalability and cost-effective solutions. Some even offer unique features like the “da Vinci” module for advanced analytics or “DTC” (Direct to Consumer) support for merchants.

Key Takeaways

  • 3PL software assists users in order management, fulfillment processes, and warehousing.
  • It offers benefits like cost savings, error prevention, better decision-making, and sustainability.
  • Features to look for include user interface, real-time tracking, integrations, and scalability.
  • 3PL cloud software solutions like ShipHero offer comprehensive capabilities, including support for marketplaces and lines of business anywhere in the world.

Software for 3PL FAQs

What Software Do Warehouses Use?

Warehouses utilize warehouse management software (WMS), which provides visibility into inventory and manages order fulfillment processes, including customer orders, receiving goods and managing shipments.

What is SAP for Logistics?

SAP for Logistics is a software solution that centralizes logistics data, eliminating discrepancies and inconsistencies. It integrates with SCM (Supply Chain Management) systems.

What is a 3PL Platform?

A 3PL platform or software is a program that aids 3PL companies in their functions, offering features like route optimization, data management, and performance reporting. It caters to various needs, ensuring flexibility and choice for anyone involved in the supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers. It’s designed to work anywhere in the world, including Australia, and can be accessed through various devices, including Android, ensuring a seamless workflow across all stages of the global supply chain.

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