Top 3 Best Order Fulfillment for Big Cartel

What is Big Cartel?

Are you an independent artist? If so, have you ever thought about using Big Cartel? On their website, they promote themselves as “Easy online stores for artists & makers.” This is an eCommerce platform where you can create an online store, add product catalogs, list different product options, develop product descriptions, display art, accept credit card payments, and run promotions. They have helped artists since 2005 sell art, clothing, prints, jewelry, clothing, and more. It is a website built “for artists, by artists” according to Big Cartel with the goal to make Big Cartel empowering for anyone who uses it. And when it comes to site design, you can customize your eCommerce store using several free themes with the simple and user friendly website builder! 

What is Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is the process which gets your product from your warehouse, to your customer. The process includes inventory receiving, storing, processing, picking and packing, and transporting the items to the shipping address of the customer. The efficiency of this is measured in the time it takes for an order to get to the customer’s porch once processed. While some large retail companies can afford to build out their logistical processes including purchasing a warehouse, buying equipment and trucks, and hiring a team to manage their fulfillment process, many smaller companies prefer to use a third-party order fulfillment provider instead who has already created this logistical structure. 

How Does the Big Cartel Fulfillment Process Work?

When handling your shipping through Big Cartel, you will need to work with a fulfillment provider as Big Cartel does not currently have warehouse operations available to its users. Once you have identified a fulfillment provider, you will need to send your order from Big Cartel to the fulfilling warehouse. This happens after the payment process is completed by the customer and an order generated. If you work with companies who directly integrate into Big Cartel, this process is highly streamlined. You can simply send your order to a fulfillment provider with a click of a button instead of using a more manual process outside of your eCommerce store. 

What Does A Big Cartel Order Fulfillment Provider Do?

A fulfillment provider for Big Cartel will help you enhance the customer experience. They make it so you can get your orders shipped to the right place, on time, with a high quality of packaging and handling. Which means your products get to your customers safely and they have a great experience with your store. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a Big Cartel Order Fulfillment Service?

If you use Big Cartel as your website, you’ll likely want to use a fulfillment service who can integrate directly into your program. This means a higher rate of tracking for order shipping, more shipping options, and less manual processes which can lead to lost orders. When you use a fulfillment service your company puts its best foot forward for the customer, and often generates recurring business. Because if someone has a great experience with you, they are highly likely to purchase from you again. 

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Factors to Consider While Selecting an Order Fulfillment Partner for Big Cartel

There are several factors to consider when searching for the right order fulfillment partner for your eCommerce business. Below are the top seven factors we recommend you consider. 

eCommerce Platform Integration

Fulfillment for your business works best when your fulfillment provider integrates directly into your online store. This integration is important, it connects your business systems together so you can handle order processing in one place.  It gives you the advantage by allowing your brand to keep up when many customers convert on multiple channels at once. Which means you can see your customers orders, inventory, sales, marketing, and accounting in one place, and helps you eliminate manual data entry. 

Order Fulfillment Speed

In a world of single day and two day shipping, waiting any longer can stop your customers from completing orders, and send them looking elsewhere. The speed of your fulfillment is a huge factor when customers make the decision to return to your store. While on the search for order fulfillment providers, the speed at which they deliver your product should be a considerable factor in the partner you choose. 

Storage and Fulfillment Fees

When you work with a fulfillment provider, you purchase space within their warehouse. Some fulfillment services charge for storage, by the item when shipped, or by monthly average order volume. You can count on your fees being roughly $3 to $5 per item on average. Though this tends to get higher when demand for fulfillment providers is at its peak. When you store inventory with a fulfillment partner, they will likely utilize different fees for different aspects of your inventory. 


As you hunt for the perfect fulfillment partner, you can ask for a breakdown of costs to understand exactly what you’ll be paying and why. The best fulfillment partners will look at your current fulfillment spend, compare it to your needs, and help you find a process which saves you money and returns more margin to your pocket. Additional costs for fulfillment providers may include storage costs, inventory levels, distribution costs, bin occupation, palletizing costs, and much more. Though many companies find these fees preferred to the cost of setting up their own logistical operation. 

Returns Management

A good fulfillment provider can help you navigate the road to returns with return automation, warranties, and exchanges. The hassle of returns can quickly turn off a customer. If they have a bad experience with your product, then have a bad return experience, you can almost guarantee they won’t purchase from you again. A fulfillment provider who can help you with returns management in your eCommerce business can make all the difference. 

Multichannel Integration

With a multichannel integration you can sell online, instore, on Amazon, on Etsy, and many other locations. Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Google, and Walmart are key places to sell and a prime example of multichannel retailers. Which means you need to have the ability to connect different systems or platforms involved in your eCommerce business together so you can streamline between them and create a consistent shopping experience. 


Ease of Use

Using your fulfillment providers platform shouldn’t be hard. You should never be confused about where orders go or struggle to set up your logistical processes. Keep ease of use in mind when searching for a fulfillment provider. The goal of this solution is to take work off your plate and give you back time, and a complicated fulfillment solution, likely won’t give you that relief. 

How We Chose the Best Big Cartel Fulfillment Companies

As we looked at fulfillment provider options for Big Cartel, we looked at several factors. The above seven to be specific with an emphasis on the ability to integrate into your store. Based on our findings, below are the three best Big Cartel fulfillment providers for your store. 

Best Big Cartel Fulfillment Companies

1. ShipHero

If you want to dump the headache of running your own warehouse, or if you want to run your warehouse more efficiently, ShipHero has a solution. With both a steller warehouse management system (WMS) and a fully outsourced fulfillment option their clients have peace of mind. The warehouse management system (WMS) streamlines your warehouse’s entire processes and procedures to increase efficiency and cut costs


With ShipHero you get a fully outsourced fulfillment solution with a user-friendly software interface. Plus, they focus on giving you 30% faster shipping times and can integrate directly into your Big Cartel store. And on top of all that, they have a highly rated client response team which provides you with a fulfillment expert to help with any questions or concerns in your supply chain. 


There are no costs listed on the website, and if you’d like to get a cost you need to go through their quote process. This can be confusing for users who want to see pricing listed on the site but isn’t listed because ShipHero would prefer to customize your pricing to your needs. 


With ShipHero you can request pricing directly on the site and receive a demo and a customized quote to your needs. Plus your quote will have pick, pack, box & postage fees built into the fees so you don’t have to worry about the separate cost of those items. 

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2. Fulfyld

This fulfillment provider has a direct BigCartel integration. They are an eCommerce service focused on helping eCommerce businesses handle everything from storage selection, to picking, packing, and fulfilling. They can help with your subscription box fulfillment and simplify your fulfillment processes by distributing inventory to the most effective location based on your client order history. 


With Fulfyld, you will experience seamless integration into your Big Cartel store. This platform is easy to use, offers you simple, transparent pricing, and free shopping cart and marketplace integrations. They are focused on helping you succeed and have a highly effective support team. 


According to reviews, tracking numbers are said to be slower to update, and if lost inventory does occur, claims tracking can be tricky to work through as well. 


With Fulfyld you get flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees. Though they don’t have pricing listed on their website, you can request a free quote. They will give you a clear list of what is included in your pricing as well as detail out each part of the fees you’ll be paying. 

3. Printful

For those of you looking for a dropshipping, print-on-demand model for your store, Printful is a great solution. Because of their print-on-demand model, Printful will manage your inventory counts and shipping rates and various shipping options with no upfront costs, you only pay when you make a sale. Plus, they help you make personalized products to list in your store!


With Printful, you can list your product options and fulfill them through their print-on-demand model, or you can use Printful to make your products. Their website can help you design, print, or embroider any logo or picture you sell. Plus they have several print centers globally so they can support your business worldwide. 


Printful does not hold any inventory, which can present a problem if your customer needs something right away but the materials are scarce. 


Printful has highly transparent pricing. It’s free to sign up then as you add products to your store you will see the pricing to make and ship those products to your customer. If you approve, you can get that product listed with your markup added! 

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Final Thoughts

Your fulfillment provider matters. You need to choose the right provider to fit your business, and the marketplace you plan to utilize. eCommerce is a continually challenging field which ebbs and flows continually. Picking the right fulfillment partner will allow you to survive those waves! 

Order Fulfillment for Big Cartel FAQs

How Long Does Big Cartel Take to Ship?

This is depending on the fulfillment provider you choose to work with. When you receive an order in Big Cartel you have the power to mark the order as “shipped” almost immediately, which, with the email address they entered at checkout, will trigger a tracking email to your client, but this is why it’s key to have your fulfillment provider integrated directly into your store. Because your clients may not get accurate shipping information if this is a manual process. 

Does Big Cartel Provide Shipping Labels?

Yes, you can do this. Once your shop is connected you can print a packing slip from the Orders tab in Big Cartel. Here is the help article on how to do so. 

Can I Link Printful to Big Cartel?

Yes! Printful has a direct integration into Big Cartel so you can start selling clothing, accessories, art, and other merchandise through your eCommerce store with no order minimums. You can connect Printful to Big Cartel by going to your Printful Dashboard and navigating to the Stores menu where you select and add your Big Cartel store. 


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