Top 10 Best Order Fulfillment Partners for Walmart

As one of the largest retailers in the world, Walmart provides a great online marketplace platform for eCommerce business owners. Walmart Marketplace lets you sell products to an audience of millions – no setup or monthly fees necessary.

That said, you still need a good fulfillment partner to unlock the true potential of your business. Read on to learn more about the best order fulfillment partners for Walmart.

What is Walmart?

Walmart is a United States retail company that runs hypermarkets, department stores and grocery stores. It boasts over 10,000 stores in 24 countries and is the world’s largest company by revenue according to 2022’s Fortune Global 500 list.

Walmart sells just about anything you can imagine, such as groceries, food items, electronics, apparel, toys and so much more. It also provides an online platform for eCommerce businesses called Walmart Marketplace. Like eBay and Amazon, Walmart Marketplace allows third-party sellers to offer their items on the retail giant’s website to reach millions of people.

What is Order Fulfillment?

Order fulfillment is a process where an eCommerce seller receives a customer order, processes it according to the customer’s wishes and delivers the product to the customer. Order fulfillment is the most basic process in eCommerce because it’s how you get products to customers.

While it seems simple, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of order fulfillment. If your order fulfillment process is slow and inaccurate, customer satisfaction and sales will drop.

Generally, order fulfillment is a five-step process:

  • Inventory receiving: You receive products from production facilities or distributors at the warehouse.
  • Inventory storing: Your warehouse crew stores the products in the appropriate spots.
  • Order processing: After receiving a customer order, your warehouse crew picks and packs the products to prepare them for shipping.
  • Order shipping: Once the products are picked and packed, your warehouse crew passes them to shipping carriers for delivery to the customer.
  • Return handling: If the item is damaged or doesn’t fulfill customer expectations, they may return it. Your warehouse is responsible for receiving the items, assessing the issue and returning the replacement item.

How Does the Walmart Fulfillment Process Work?

Walmart’s in-house fulfillment process through Walmart Fulfillment Service (WFS) works like most 3PL companies. Here’s how you can fulfill customer orders through WFS as a third-party seller:

  • Create an account in the WFS portal.
  • Mark your items for fulfillment by Walmart.
  • Send your products to the designated Walmart fulfillment center.
  • Let the Walmart Fulfillment Service crew pick, pack and send the items to delivery drivers according to shipment requests.
  • Leave Walmart’s team to manage returns and provide customer service.

Based on the process flow above, you don’t have to do much beyond sending your products to the fulfillment center. Once your items are there, the WFS crew takes over everything until the products arrive at the customer’s door and all complaints are resolved.

What Does a Walmart Order Fulfillment Provider Do?

A Walmart order fulfillment provider takes control of the entire process on your behalf. eCommerce businesses usually work with third-party order fulfillment providers when they can’t handle orders in-house or want to scale their companies beyond current capabilities.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Walmart Order Fulfillment Service?

The benefits of using a Walmart order fulfillment service include cost savings, extra storage space and expert insight. Here’s a detailed look at the benefits of working with 3PL companies:

Warehousing Support

eCommerce third-party logistics companies operate warehouses and fulfillment centers for their clients. Because you’re using the 3PL company’s warehouse, you don’t have to worry about running out of space.

Lower Carrier Shipping Charges

Order fulfillment services get lower carrier shipping charges because they ship large volumes of items daily. When 3PLs get lower carrier fees, they often pass the savings to clients, reducing your overall shipping costs.

Expert Support

Most 3PL companies have years, if not decades, of experience in order fulfillment. Working with them means they can help you identify and solve any fulfillment issues.

Time and Labor Savings

In-house order fulfillment takes a lot of time and effort. Outsourcing fulfillment lets you reassign warehouse staff to other tasks that directly contribute to eCommerce business growth.

Take a look at ShipHero’s order fulfillment services today and see if we can fulfill your  eCommerce shipping needs.

Factors to Consider While Selecting an Order Fulfillment Partner for Walmart

Choosing the right order fulfillment partner is essential to getting the most out of their expertise. Here are four things to consider when choosing your next 3PL partner:

Order Fulfillment Speed

Speed is one of the most essential factors in choosing the best order fulfillment partner. Customers and clients want faster fulfillment times and won’t settle for anything less. Ensure the 3PL company you choose supports two-day and same-day shipping to most, if not all, of your customer base.

Storage and Fulfillment Fees

Storage and fulfillment fees are important for any business, but they become even more essential when you sell in large volumes. Pick a fulfillment company offering lower storage and fulfillment fees if you’re planning to sell many products.


Fulfillment companies charge monthly subscriptions and annual fees, but sometimes you must pay other costs as well. Ask about extra fees and ensure there are no hidden expenses before you start working with them.

The cheapest fulfillment companies aren’t necessarily the best option because they may cut corners or provide subpar service. Instead, choose a company with reasonable prices and services that fit your needs without sacrificing quality.

Returns Management

Easy and convenient product returns are essential to retaining customers. Choose a fulfillment company that knows how to handle returns and communicates with customers professionally.

What to Look For in a Walmart Fulfillment Partner

The best Walmart fulfillment partner should cater to all your order processing needs. Here are three things that a good Walmart fulfillment partner should have:

eCommerce Platform Integration

If you don’t sell exclusively on Walmart Marketplace, eCommerce platform integration is essential to capturing orders from multiple places.

Some major eCommerce platforms that fulfillment partners should cover include eBay, Amazon, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Wix and Square.

Multichannel Integration

Multichannel integration is when your fulfillment partner uses one warehouse to process orders from multiple storefronts or sales channels. A fulfillment company that receives orders from multiple storefronts saves both time and money while ensuring that you don’t miss any orders.

Ease of Use

Most order fulfillment companies grant you access to software to help you manage inventory and warehousing. Find a fulfillment company with simple and easy-to-learn software so your team can understand it quickly and minimize downtime.

How We Chose the Best Walmart Fulfillment Companies

There are many companies offering order fulfillment, so choosing one is challenging. Luckily, we’re here to help you do just that. Here are five criteria we used to create this list of best Walmart fulfillment companies:

  • Shipping speed
  • Fulfillment network
  • Software features
  • Returns management and customer service
  • Subscription, storage and carrier charges


Best Walmart Fulfillment Companies

With the criteria above in mind, here are the best Walmart fulfillment companies today:

1. ShipHero

ShipHero boasts high-accuracy order fulfillment and lightning-fast shipping at affordable costs. We offer flat-rate fees for all our clients without any hidden costs. You don’t have to worry about distributing your inventory either because ShipHero distributes your products to eight fulfillment centers across North America.


  • Eight fulfillment centers across the United States and Canada
  • Integration with major eCommerce and marketplace platforms
  • Real-time inventory and warehouse management systems


  • Limited shipping label customization
  • Additional costs for international shipping
  • Minimum 500 orders per month threshold


ShipHero offers single-rate prices for clients across the lower 48 states with no hidden fees. Check our pricing page to get your custom order fulfillment pricing.

Get your custom order fulfillment quote from ShipHero today!

2. ShipBob

ShipBob boasts over 30 fulfillment centers across six countries to ensure your products get to customers on time, no matter where they are. It also provides a free analytic tool to monitor your supply chain efficiency.


  • Affordable two-day shipping rates
  • Web-based fulfillment dashboard
  • Multichannel support


  • Complicated online store integration
  • Occasionally slow customer support


ShipBob has an online calculator to estimate order fulfillment prices. Request a quote for more detailed pricing information.

3. ShipHype

One of ShipHype’s greatest advantages is its same-day shipping services to select locations. For everywhere else, it offers two-day and next-day shipping from its five regional distribution centers.


  • 99% order accuracy
  • High SKU (stock-keeping unit) limits
  • Dedicated account manager per client


  • Occasional invoice discrepancies
  • Prices may fluctuate


ShipHype offers no-contract fulfillment service pricing, and you can get a quote on its website.

4. Rakuten Super Logistics

Rakuten Super Logistics (now ShipNetwork) promises fast delivery with 100% accuracy. With fulfillment centers across the United States, it promises to deliver your products within two days via ground shipping.


  • Simple fulfillment application process
  • eCommerce platform integrations
  • Efficient returns management


  • Requires minimum orders
  • Lost inventory issues


Rakuten/ShipNetwork offers customized pricing. Contact a representative to get a quote.

5. Simpl Fulfillment

Simpl Fulfillment is a 3PL company that offers weight-based flat-fee fulfillment, ensuring cost transparency. It can also integrate with over 50 marketplaces, shopping carts and other platforms.


  • 24/7 client support
  • Free 3PL consultations


  • Only one warehouse


Simpl Fulfillment’s services start at $6/order. For detailed pricing, request a quote.

Outsource order fulfillment to ShipHero today!

6. ShipMonk

ShipMonk is an all-in 3PL company offering order management, warehouse management, purchase tracking and other services to make the fulfillment process easier.


  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Fulfillment centers in North America and Europe
  • Multi-channel client support


  • Hidden fees in the fine print
  • No temperature control for frozen items


ShipMonk offers an online calculator to determine your fulfillment pricing. For detailed quotes, contact a sales representative.

7. Easyship

Easyship works with numerous international carriers to help you sell worldwide. Easyship can offer up to 91% off on carrier charges thanks to its many working relationships.


  • No-code eCommerce integrations
  • Global fulfillment center network
  • Branded tracking pages and shipping labels


  • Spotty client support
  • Complicated refunding flow 


Easyship offers a free fulfillment plan for up to 50 shipments monthly. Paid plans start at $29/month.

8. Shipwire

Boasting over 30 warehouses worldwide, Shipwire helps your company sell and deliver products to millions of people. 


  • Numerous eCommerce integrations
  • B2B and B2C eCommerce support
  • Shipping rate optimization


  • Inconsistent client service quality
  • High rates


Shipwire doesn’t list its pricing information publicly. Contact a sales representative to ask for quotes.

9. Red Stag Fulfillment

Red Stag takes a cloud-based approach to fulfillment in helping B2C and B2B eCommerce businesses deliver their products.


  • 100% inventory and order accuracy guarantees
  • Guaranteed same-day fulfillments
  • No-commitment services


  • Limited fulfillment center presence
  • Relatively high pick-and-pack costs


Red Stag offers a 30-day free trial. After the trial, you can contact a Red Stag representative to get a quote.

10. Fulfillify

Fulfillify handles order fulfillment for eCommerce businesses of all sizes to ensure they can deliver products on time. With its four warehouses, Fulfillify can deliver products to almost the entire United States within one or two days.


  • Multiple eCommerce integrations
  • Real-time inventory tracking
  • Mobile-focused fulfillment platform


  • No global fulfillment center presence
  • Pricing

Fulfillify doesn’t list its prices publicly. You can complete the contact form on its website to request a quote.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right order fulfillment partner for Walmart Marketplace lets you deliver all customer orders without delay. With a great third-party logistics partner and Walmart Marketplace’s huge audience, you can potentially sell products to millions of people and grow your eCommerce business.

Don’t work with Walmart? Find the best carriers for many of the highest profile marketplaces on the web.

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Order Fulfillment for Walmart FAQs

What is order fulfillment at Walmart?

Order fulfillment at Walmart is a service provided by WFS for eCommerce sellers on the Walmart Marketplace platform. WFS works like many other third-party logistics services, where Walmart’s team takes charge of your entire order fulfillment process.

How does Walmart Fulfillment Services work?

Walmart Fulfillment Services works by taking care of your entire order process, from receiving items at the warehouse to delivering them to customers. Here’s a step-by-step guide to the WFS process:

  • Create an account on the WFS website.
  • Mark your marketplace products as Fulfilled by Walmart.
  • Send your products to a Walmart warehouse.
  • The WFS crew picks, packs and delivers customer orders.
  • The WFS crew handles returns and provides customer service.

How much are Walmart’s fulfillment fees?

Walmart’s fulfillment fees start from $0.75/month for each cubic foot of storage. Carrier shipping charges start from $3.45 for a 1-lb. product.

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