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High-Touch Fulfillment.


White Glove Account Management


100% Control Over Your Inventory


Best Partner & Carrier Ecosystem in the Space


But Where’s the Pricing?

At ShipHero, we have a long history of transparent pricing. However, the longer we’ve done this the more we realize that no two fulfillment clients are the same. Your business doesn’t work the same as your competitor and offering you both the same pricing isn’t a benefit.

No 3rd-Party Warehouses. We O&O Every Location

Technology powers processes, and processes pave the way to hit SLAs. To make sure we can implement the best processes possible, our network only includes facilities that we fully own and operate. Fulfillment is hard enough – running efficiently and resolving issues when your 4PL is using outsourced warehouse space is impossible.

30% Faster Shipping Speeds

ShipHero ships faster than most of our competitors. With a 30% faster shipping rate than other fulfillment solution providers, it’s cheaper and faster to use ShipHero. To get more details on pricing for your brand, request a quote from our team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does ShipHero Fulfillment have warehouses?
ShipHero owns and operates 9 warehouses throughout North America. We have warehouses in California, Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. For more information about our owned and operated locations, please click here.
Do ShipHero Fulfillment clients get access to the software so they can keep track of their packages/orders?

Yes, all ShipHero Fulfillment clients have access to ShipHero’s Warehouse Management Software so they have visibility into what’s happening with their products in real-time. They can also use PostHero to track packages once they are handed off to carriers. For more information about PostHero, please click here.

Does ShipHero support Zone Skipping? What is Zone Skipping?

Yes, ShipHero does support zone skipping. Zone Skipping is a way to save money on shipping fees, but moving ready-to-ship packages closer to final customers in one bulk shipment, versus individual shipments. This helps to cut down on last mile delivery fees which can mean major savings for brands. For more information about zone skipping, click here.

Does ShipHero Fulfillment support Section 321?

Yes! ShipHero supports Section 321 and it’s even easier with our late 2021 acquisition of DeliveryNet. For more details regarding Section 321, please click here. To schedule a call with our Fulfillment team to get more details and a quote, please click here.

Does ShipHero Fulfillment handle returns?

Yes, ShipHero has integrations with Loop Returns and Returnly to handle returns seamlessly for our clients. If you are a Shopify client, ShipHero can also utilize a direct plugin that manages returns from your Shopify store.

Does ShipHero partner with _____?

ShipHero has partnerships with some of the largest eCommerce players. Our complete list partners are available here.

What 3rd Party Apps or Programs does ShipHero integrate with?

ShipHero integrates with dozens of partners to include even more functionality within our Warehouse Management Software (WMS). A complete list of our integration partners can be found here.