ShipHero: The Best ShipStation Alternative

ShipHero and ShipStation are order fulfillment solutions that help businesses quickly get their products to customers for less money. However, each platform’s unique approach makes them helpful in different ways. 

Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of each platform’s features, pros and cons.

Overview of ShipHero vs. ShipStation

The main difference between these platforms is that ShipHero is a complete order fulfillment and warehouse management solution, while ShipStation is focused primarily on shipping. 

ShipStation’s primary selling point is that it simplifies your shipping. It offers shipping discounts and does much of the international delivery legwork. Plus, its branding tools allow you to customize multiple customer touchpoints, such as shipping labels, emails and packing slips.

ShipHero’s Warehouse Management System does all of this and more. It gives you total control and visibility over your warehouses, including pick, pack, and ship. With its wide range of inventory and warehouse management tools, everything from routing orders to optimizing stock locations is more accessible. Plus, ShipHero automatically applies the cheapest shipping option and prints your labels, so there’s no more guesswork.

Features Comparison of ShipHero vs. ShipStation

If you’re deciding between ShipHero and ShipStation for your eCommerce business, you’ll want to know how each stacks up against the other. Below is a comparison of each software based on their features, integrations, customer service and price.

Fulfillment Features

ShipStation offers a few basic order management tools to help you organize your workflow. You can view, allocate, and deallocate stock through its dashboard in real-time. You can also combine split, filter, tag, and edit orders; set stock alerts automatically; and block shipments with insufficient stock. 

Orders are printed on labels collected by different workers, who can verify, pick, and pack the correct items. Its return portal makes it easy for customers to initiate a return without contacting you directly.

ShipHero’s mobile pick and pack features make it easier to fulfill orders quickly. 

ShipHero optimizes your picking routes and processing options, reducing the time and energy it takes to collect your orders. The AI software cuts waste and guesswork further with recommendations for the best packaging based on what it learns about your needs and preferences. And the Hero Board, which displays the orders that need to be fulfilled daily, keeps workers on track.

Bottom Line

ShipStation uses a paper-based pick system, and labels are printed in batches, so it’s difficult to start work until all labels are printed. ShipHero’s mobile app provides an optimized pick route so workers take fewer steps to fulfill more orders. When you factor in ParcelView and ShipHero’s AI packaging, ShipHero is the clear choice for fulfillment.

Warehouse Management Features

ShipStation is primarily a shipping solution, so it doesn’t offer much in terms of warehouse management. 

Conversely, ShipHero has powerful tools for efficiently running your warehouse.

The software can suggest how to store your inventory and implement warehouse best practices such as First-In-First-Out (FIFO). Its Putaway feature is especially useful in keeping track of stock, replenishing inventory levels and creating a more seamless workflow. Other notable features include cycle count, multi-warehouse allocation, kitting and reorder level setting.

Bottom Line

ShipStation was not designed to manage a warehouse from receiving to order management to shipping. If you are looking for a complete Warehouse Management System, ShipHero is the answer.

Available Sales Channels

ShipHero and ShipStation connect to popular sales channels like Shopify Plus, Amazon, Etsy and eBay. But ShipHero offers dozens of other integrations, including NetSuite, Loop Returns and more. If you intend to grow your business, more options will help. 

Bottom Line

Both options integrate with the most common online marketplaces. But ShipHero provides access to the less common ones that the more successful companies have the foresight to use. 

Shipping Labels and Rates

ShipStation claims its rate calculator and shipping discounts can save you up to 88% on major carriers like DHL, USPS and Global Post. They say their workers can create shipping labels with your brand on the go and that their software can generate and transmit customs documents for international shipping.

ShipHero works with all the same carriers but automatically applies the best rates and carriers for your shipments in real-time, and they print the cheapest shipping label. You don’t have to waste time and energy choosing a suitable carrier. 

Bottom Line

ShipHero’s packing functionality includes a shipping rate calculator, weight & box recommendations and additional packing support, including ParcelView. ShipHero is an all-in-one solution that makes shipping labels and rates more affordable.

Shipment Tracking Capabilities

ShipStation has multiple tracking options. On the business side, you can view tracking links and statuses on the dashboard. Customers can monitor their deliveries via a branded tracking page, emails and SMS notifications.

ShipHero’s integration with Klaviyo provides the same functionality, including opting in for text alerts. Additionally, ShipHero provides standard shipment tracking capabilities via different carrier websites as well, so you can track a package from start to finish.

Bottom Line 

If all you need is tracking, ShipHero and ShipStation are interchangeable. However, if you’re looking for a more well-rounded solution that includes tracking, ShipHero is the better choice.

Customer Service Support Options

You can contact ShipHero through its in-app ticketing system if you have any questions or concerns. Its website also provides free resources, including a blog, knowledge base, help center, FAQs, videos, webinars and a community forum. Email and phone support are also available at a premium.

ShipStation also offers similar omnichannel support and phone support for Platinum plans and up. The customer service team is available from 8 AM to 8 PM CT, Mondays to Fridays. It also provides access to ShipStation University, an online database of courses on the platform.

Both ShipStation and ShipHero offer free, hands-on onboarding and setup services.

Bottom Line 

Since both platforms offer some support at no charge and others at a premium, they are pretty even in this area, but ShipHero’s team has the receipts for being helpful and attentive.

Industry Rankings

ShipHero has been named the leader by G2, an independent review site that measures the best software and technology across various industries, including Warehouse Management Systems and Shipping. ShipHero was named the #1 WMS for Small Business, the #1 in the Most Implementable WMS and achieved lead status in 5 other categories for Summer 2023. 

During the same period, ShipStation was named a momentum leader in the shipping industry.

Terms of Pricing

ShipHero and ShipStation provide per-month pricing; however, comparing rates by strictly looking at the numbers isn’t entirely accurate. ShipHero provides vastly more functionality, features and processes than ShipStation, which acts as a shipping label purveyor and not much else. Their pricing is strictly based on how many labels are generated per month. In contrast, ShipHero’s pricing provides all the elements you need to run your entire warehouse, including picking, packing and shipping efficiently. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. 

ShipHero’s simple, custom pricing model is divided into three tiers:

Cost/month # of shipments/month # of users
Standard WMS $1,995 Unlimited 5
3PL WMS $2,145 Unlimited 5 (unlimited customer portals)
Enterprise Quoted Unlimited 5


Meanwhile, ShipStation offers seven pricing plans, with additional users at $5/month:

Cost/month # of shipments/month # of users
Starter $9.99 50 1
Bronze $29.99 500 1
Silver $59.99 1,000 2
Gold $99.99 2,000 3
Platinum $149.99 5,000 5
Enterprise $229.99 7,500 10
High-volume Quoted Unlimited As needed


Key Takeaways

Order and shipping management solutions like ShipHero and ShipStation can make fulfilling customer orders easier, faster and cheaper. Both can help you keep track of inventory, improve picking and packing efficiency and get better deals on shipping. But there are a few key differences between them.

  • ShipStation’s claim to fame is its savings on shipping, partnering with major carriers to provide low rates and discounts. It also allows you to add your brand to invoices and deliver more impactful customer experiences.
  • ShipHero is a complete warehouse management software that assists you from beginning to end. Its unique features include ParcelView, which gives you a peek into your packages; Putaway, which tells you the best way to store your inventory; and cycle count and mobile replenishment for better inventory management.

How Does ShipHero Compare?

As an end-to-end warehouse management solution, ShipHero compares well to ShipStation’s shipping-focused software. While both ShipHero and ShipStation have order management and fulfillment capabilities, ShipHero also helps you stay on top of your warehouse operations. 

ShipHero’s software is prepped for high-volume businesses out of the gate. In contrast, you need to upgrade your plan with ShipStation to accommodate more orders and users.

Because of this, ShipHero is best for eCommerce businesses, 3PL providers and high-volume brands that need software that meets their needs. And with multi-warehouse support, it’s also great for companies that stock inventory at different locations.

Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for a shipping label printer, ShipStation works. If you’re looking for a complete warehouse management solution that saves you money on shipping and increases warehouse efficiency by at least 30%, ShipHero is the right choice.

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ShipHero vs. ShipStation FAQs

How does ShipHero work?

ShipHero works by sending orders from your storefront to your warehouses and assisting in picking, packing, and shipping. Here’s the process in three steps:

  1. Connect your stores: Once linked, ShipHero receives orders from all your sales channels and gathers them in one dashboard. Orders are automatically routed to the best fulfillment center based on shipping costs and item availability.
  2. Pick, pack and ship your orders: With features such as mobile barcode scanning and Putaway optimization, fulfilling orders is easier, faster and more accurate. And thanks to ShipHero’s automatic rate shopping, it’s cheaper, too.
  3. Track your data: The Hero Board gives you a real-time, bird’s eye view of your warehouse. Make better business decisions based on the insights from your sales and operations reports.

How does ShipStation work?

ShipStation collects your orders in a single dashboard and calculates the best rates and shipping options. It automatically assigns orders to workers and enables on-the-go scanning, improving efficiency and accuracy.



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