How to Automate Shipping: Automatic Shipping Explained

One person’s capacity to fulfill orders is limited. As you bring more employees on board to handle packaging and delivery tasks, the complexity of e-commerce, order and inventory management increases. The demands of eCommerce shipping can quickly consume all your time, especially with the intricacies of shipping labels and slips.

What Is Automated Shipping?

Automated shipping leverages software solutions to streamline fulfillment services. It encompasses tracking products ordered by customers throughout the shipping journey. As businesses aim to expand, shipping automation becomes crucial. The choice of automation systems varies based on your business size. For instance, if you’re operating with an external warehouse, it’s imperative to automate your shipping operations

Why Should You Automate Shipping?

Automating shipping processes can significantly cut down costs associated with picking, packing, and delivering products. It not only saves time but also enhances efficiency. Many eCommerce platforms offer features that allow businesses to automate shipping across multiple warehouses. With the right automated shipping solutions and technology, your team can operate more efficiently, boosting the number of orders processed daily and improving order accuracy.

What Are The Advantages of Automated Shipping?

Time equates to money. As an eCommerce business owner, your time is invaluable. Spending it on tasks like packing and tracking, which can be handled by entry-level employees or even AI, isn’t cost-effective. Focus on value-added activities like content creation or market research. If a task doesn’t demand strategic planning, consider automating it. Automation not only saves time and money but also alleviates stress, ultimately driving sales growth and customer satisfaction.

Improve Efficiency

Automated shipping harnesses software capable of instant data analysis. Such software keeps track of product locations, shipping times and reorder points, ensuring optimal inventory levels. It provides real-time insights into order statuses. Through the online portal of your shipping software, you can monitor operations and rectify errors promptly.

Optimize Your Supply Chain

Shipping automation offers dual benefits: managing both incoming and outgoing facets of shipping rules and your supply chain. Software excels in analyzing vast data sets, determining delivery durations via carriers like USPS, and ensuring packages adhere to weight guidelines.

Provides Real-Time Analytics

Automated shipping software doesn’t just analyze existing data; it generates and evaluates new data. This information aids in decision-making regarding reorder points or selecting transportation and freight carriers. Instead of the shipping cost or incurring additional costs for analytics, opt for a shipping software that integrates these features.

Spend Less Money

Shipping automation software comes in various packages. Opt for one that meets your needs without overburdening you with unnecessary features. The right, automated shipping solution software can perform tasks in moments that would otherwise take a team a full day.

Reduces Human Error

While machines aren’t infallible, software tends to make fewer errors than humans and can rectify them faster. If an issue arises, your automated shipping software can help identify and resolve it swiftly and save money.

Repurpose Resources

Automation’s goal isn’t to replace humans but to optimize their roles. By automating mundane tasks, you can save time and assign more engaging and valuable tasks to your team, maximizing productivity without downsizing.

How to Successfully Start Automating eCommerce

Begin by automating your shipping processes. Opt for a software suite with integrated automated shipping features. As your business grows, enhance your software to have shipping automation rules encompass advanced inventory management features.

Ways to Automate Your eCommerce Shipping

Consider partnering with a warehouse management company to handle your shipping operations. Such companies offer comprehensive services, from full automated shipping systems to supply chain logistics. If you have an in-house warehouse, select software compatible with your warehousing system.

What Are Automation Rules?

Automation rules are predefined tasks for automated programs. They can range from adding prospects to lists to tracking information and assigning them to specific users. Each automation task comprises triggers, conditions, and actions, guiding the software’s responses.

Challenges of The eCommerce Shipping Process

In the absence of automation, eCommerce shipping is labor-intensive. This can lead to delays, hindering your business growth. Automation streamlines the process, enhancing efficiency and improving customer satisfaction.

Best Practices For Utilizing Automated Shipping

To maximize the benefits of shipping automation technology, have a clear vision of your long-term objectives and inventory management process. These goals should guide your software choices and configurations.

Key Takeaways

  • Automated shipping is essential for growing eCommerce businesses.
  • It minimizes errors and disruptions in the supply chain.
  • Automation enhances customer and employee experiences, optimizes costs, and boosts efficiency.

Automatic Shipping FAQs

Before diving into shipping automation, it’s natural to have questions. Here are some common queries:

What Is Automated Order Fulfillment?

Automated order fulfillment leverages technology and data to oversee most aspects of the fulfillment process. AI can manage manual tasks, like warehouse picking, packing, labeling, stock reordering, and package tracking.

How Do I Start Automated Shipping?

To embark on automated shipping, reach out to ShipHero and discuss your options. The right shipping automation package ensures optimal customer experience and returns on investment.

Can Shipping Be Fully Automated?

While a completely automated warehouse is a future prospect, many automated shipping processes can be automated today.

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