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ShipHero vs Extensiv: What are the Best Extensiv Alternatives?

In the competitive landscape of warehouse management systems, two standout solutions have garnered attention for their robust features and capabilities: ShipHero and Extensiv (formerly known as 3PL Central). 

This blog will delve into a detailed comparison of these platforms, introduce their distinct characteristics and differences, and describe why one may be the perfect fit for your business.

ShipHero Overview

If you are an eCommerce company or 3PL looking for the best warehouse management solution, ShipHero fits the bill. They offer a transparent pricing model with a simple monthly subscription and no contracts. Many clients have cited their intuitive, user-friendly interface as a key selling point. Some have said they can get new pickers up and running in 10 minutes because the software’s mobile app is so easy to use.

ShipHero also provides comprehensive onboarding with weekly calls to manage the transition to their platform and an exhaustive database of how-to and help articles in their Knowledge Base. Their customer service team is mentioned in reviews and case studies as one of the best in the industry. They recently launched ShipHero Academy, a clients-only walk-through of common processes and procedures via video instruction.  

ShipHero Pros: 

  • Transparent Pricing: ShipHero boasts a straightforward monthly subscription model without binding contracts.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Clients rave about ShipHero’s intuitive interface, enabling new pickers to get up and running in 10 minutes using the user-friendly mobile app. 
  • Comprehensive Onboarding: ShipHero offers thorough onboarding with weekly calls to ensure a seamless transition to their platform. Their Knowledge Base is a treasure trove of how-to articles and helpful resources.
  • Top-Notch Customer Service: Reviews and case studies consistently highlight ShipHero’s exceptional customer service as one of the best in the industry.
  • ShipHero Academy: This exclusive resource offers clients video instruction on common processes and procedures.

Bottom Line

ShipHero provides a comprehensive WMS that meets all the needs of 3PLs and brands, making a huge impact in the DTC/eCommerce industry. Their all-in-one pricing gives you the complete suite of WMS features and offers the onboarding support necessary to make your transition to the platform successful. 

Extensiv Overview

Extensiv’s Warehouse Manager works best with other solutions, such as the Order Manager, Integration Manager, and Network Manager modules. It also offers a 3PL Warehouse Manager designed specifically for third-party logistics providers.

Extensiv is most known for its comprehensive library of tools and resources. If you need help with the software, you can connect with employees and other Warehouse Manager Community users. Alternatively, check out the Warehouse Manager University and Help Center for detailed instructions, training videos, guides, and best practices for 3PL.

Extensiv Pros: 

  • Extensiv’s Warehouse Manager offers additional solutions like Order Manager, Integration Manager, and Network Manager modules.
  • What sets Extensiv apart is its extensive library of tools and resources. The Warehouse Manager Community, Warehouse Manager University, and Help Center provide detailed instructions, training videos, guides, and best practices.
  • Extensiv charges per feature module.

Bottom Line

Extensiv’s Warehouse Manager suits small businesses, startups, and those seeking customizable solutions tailored to specific needs.

ShipHero vs. Extensiv 

When managing your warehouse operations, making an informed choice is essential. ShipHero and Extensiv are strong contenders, but understanding their differences is crucial.

All-in-One vs. Modular Approach

ShipHero: ShipHero takes an all-in-one approach, offering a comprehensive warehouse management system that seamlessly covers various aspects of your operations.

Extensiv: In contrast, Extensiv follows a modular approach, allowing for customization but potentially resulting in higher costs as you add different features.

Pricing Models

ShipHero: Plans start at $1,995/month for the Standard WMS and $2,145/month for a 3PL WMS. ShipHero’s transparent pricing model, with clear monthly subscription fees and no binding contracts, provides cost predictability.

Extensiv: Pricing for 3PL Central’s Warehouse Manager is not publicly available. Extensiv offers customized pricing, tailoring the costs to your specific needs, but this can add costs to access feature modules.

User-Friendly Interface

ShipHero: Boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, ensuring a quick onboarding process and making it accessible to new users.

Extensiv: While customizable, Extensiv may require more time for onboarding and training, especially if you opt for a highly tailored setup.

Customer Support and Resources

ShipHero: Provides comprehensive onboarding, a rich knowledge base, and responsive customer service.

Extensiv: Offers a robust library of tools and resources, including an active user community for assistance.

Workflows and Efficiency

ShipHero: Designed to streamline order fulfillment, facilitate real-time inventory management, and offer efficient reporting capabilities.

Extensiv: Primarily oriented toward in-house fulfillment and inventory management, which might not be as streamlined for certain 3PL needs.


ShipHero: Versatile solution suitable for businesses of all sizes, including 3PL providers, ensuring scalability as your operations grow.

Extensiv: Better suited for small businesses and startups, offering customization options for specific requirements.

3rd Party Comparison

According to G2, an independent software and technology review site, ShipHero’s overall satisfaction score is 91.9 compared to Extensiv’s 28.6. Additionally, ShipHero beat Extensiv head-to-head in categories including support quality, user satisfaction, and ease of collaboration.

ShipHero: The Warehouse Management Powerhouse

  1. Comprehensive Warehouse Management: ShipHero’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides end-to-end solutions for efficient warehouse operations.
  2. Integration Prowess: ShipHero boasts one of the most extensive integration ecosystems available. It seamlessly connects with major eCommerce platforms, shipping carriers, and essential tools, making it a versatile choice for businesses.
  3. Streamlined Order Fulfillment: ShipHero’s WMS covers every facet of order fulfillment, from optimized pick routes and bulk picking to cost-saving box recommendations using mobile pick-and-pack software.
  4. Real-time Inventory Management: Managing inventory is effortless with ShipHero, offering real-time tracking and control to keep you in command of your stock levels.
  5. Transparent Pricing: ShipHero’s transparent pricing model ensures you have a clear understanding of monthly subscription fees, eliminating any surprise costs.
  6. Outstanding Customer Support: ShipHero’s customer service is renowned for its excellence, featuring an extensive knowledge base, how-to resources, videos, and a reputation for being attentive and helpful.
  7. Global Reach: ShipHero serves a global market, making it an ideal choice for businesses with international operations or aspirations.

Who Should Use ShipHero?

ShipHero is the go-to solution for businesses and 3PL providers seeking a vast integration ecosystem. Whether you’re a medium-sized business scaling up or a large enterprise streamlining operations, ShipHero equips you with the essential tools you need.

Bottom Line:

ShipHero delivers seamless order fulfillment, real-time inventory management, and exceptional customer support. Their transparent pricing and global reach make it the perfect choice for optimizing operations and scaling effectively.

Extensiv: The Challenger in Warehouse Management

  1. Focused Inventory and Order Management: Extensiv specializes in inventory and order management, offering tools to streamline warehouse operations and order processing.
  2. Integration Adaptability: Extensiv offers integration with various eCommerce platforms and shipping carriers, facilitating efficient management of multichannel sales.
  3. Inventory Tracking: Extensiv provides insights into sales performance and demand forecasting with Extensiv’s real-time inventory tracking.
  4. Support and Resources: Extensiv provides 24/7 live phone support and a resource library featuring blogs, webinars, and white papers to assist businesses in their operations.

Who Should Use Extensiv?

Those who should use Extensiv’s Warehouse Manager include small businesses and start-ups, as it doesn’t scale as well at the enterprise level. DTC companies currently using multiple integrations to meet their needs and not looking to streamline their operations might find it easier to use Extensiv’s modular approach to warehouse management. 

Bottom Line:

ShipHero has emerged as powerful inventory management and shipping software, offering seamless integration with storefronts and partners for medium-sized businesses, 3PL providers, and enterprise clients. On the other hand, Extensiv’s Warehouse Manager primarily targets in-house fulfillment and inventory management.

Key Takeaways

  • ShipHero is a comprehensive Warehouse Management System (WMS) that provides end-to-end solutions for efficient warehouse operations, boasting an extensive integration ecosystem and seamless connectivity with major eCommerce platforms, shipping carriers, and essential tools.

  • ShipHero’s all-in-one pricing model offers clear subscription fees, no hidden costs or binding contracts, and exceptional customer service and resources.

  • Extensiv’s Warehouse Manager follows a modular approach, offering customizable features but potentially higher costs. It specializes in inventory and order management and provides 24/7 live phone support and a resource library of blogs and webinars to guide businesses’ operations.

  • For medium-sized businesses, 3PL providers, and enterprise clients looking for an all-in-one solution with scalability options, ShipHero is the optimal choice. Those who require customizable solutions should consider Extensiv’s Warehouse Manager.

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ShipHero vs. Extensiv  FAQs

How does ShipHero compare?

One of the top warehouse management software available today, ShipHero, compares well to alternatives such as 3PL Central’s Warehouse Manager. 

ShipHero’s Warehouse Management System is a one-stop shop with all the features you need to fulfill more orders in less time. Built-in features like inventory management flag your team to ensure inventory levels meet your customer needs, and native returns management makes it easy for your warehouse to process any returns.

As a 3PL WMS provider, ShipHero provides additional 3PL specific tools, like client portal access and specialized billing, to make it even easier for 3PLs to get their work done and paid.

What is Extensiv’s 3PL Warehouse Management System?

Extensiv’s 3PL Warehouse Manager is a cloud-based warehouse management system designed specifically for 3PL companies. Its features allow for control over the picking, packing, shipping process, billing, customer management, inventory, data analytics, and reports. 

What should I consider while choosing 3PL software?

While choosing 3PL software, you should consider the following factors:

  • How up-to-date is its technology?
  • How much can it scale with your business?
  • What are its product packaging and labeling standards?
  • Can it support multiple client accounts?
  • What are its invoicing features?
  • What is its value-to-cost ratio?

What services does ShipHero offer?

ShipHero offers an end-to-end Warehouse Management Software solution that combines people, technology, and processes to make running an eCommerce warehouse efficient and cost-effective. They also have a full-service fulfillment solution for clients looking to offload their order fulfillment and inventory management tasks. Their nine owned and operated warehouses run on its proprietary WMS, making testing new features easy and providing fast resolution to any hiccups.

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