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Sorting Packages for Carriers with ShipHero’s Shipping Containers Feature

We’ve made it easier for your warehouse teams to sort packages into the right shipping containers and help eliminate the issue of “no first scan.” Now all the information you need to get packages to the correct carriers is available via a barcode scan in the mobile app. Available in the app now!

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Hello, everyone. Val here at our West Palm Beach warehouse, I'm super excited to share with you our shipping container feature. What this feature allows you to do is sort packages that your Packers have packed into different containers for your carriers. What's great about the shipping container feature is it allows your packers to focus on packing. They pack their package, they put it into a cart like this. No need to sort at the pack station. When this is full, they roll it over to the section and someone with this shipping container on their mobile app, we'll just go through the process and sort for them before it goes out the door. So I'll take you through the process. It's super simple. What you'll do is you'll take in a first package, you'll scan and your tracking number and the mobile app will show you which of these containers to put it in. Then you just scan in your container based on what the app tells you. Drop it in and on to the next one. All sorted and ready to go out the door. When your carriers come, they simply pick up the containers and they are on their way. The shipping containers feature will provide you with the data as well as the peace of mind that your packages do make it to pickup. So give it a try. Let us know what you think and thank you for watching.
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