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ShipHero Case Study: Vareya

VareYa Tripled Their Business With ShipHero.

Located in the Netherlands, VareYa began providing 3PL services for B2B companies across Europe, Asia and the UK in 2008. With just 30 full-time employees, and looking to switch to a B2C business in 2016, VareYa knew that their current, disorganized warehouse management solution wouldn’t allow them the growth they wanted. All of these non-integrated systems led to a ton of paperwork, a ton of mistakes and a ton of headaches.

Enter ShipHero. With its fully end-to-end Warehouse Management Software solution, ShipHero was able to migrate all of VareYa’s systems to an all-in-one platform. Instead of using a variety of different software, VareYa could now just look to ShipHero to run its warehouses.

Video Transcript

ShipHero was a lifesaver. It was three years ago that we decided to find a new system. So, I had a list of requirements and it was like, check, check, check, check. And the support was very great from the beginning. When we onboard the client, the connecting with the store is like plug and play. Even the client can do it in like 5 minutes and before it took days to get connected.

You can just create the automation rule very easy. It’s very user friendly. Everything that we needed was integrated. So it was like a system that was built for us. Since we used ShipHero, we tripled. So all our clients love it because they are able to to have an account and they can also create all their accounts for their for their teams.

And that is something they really like. And I know for sure that for a lot of clients, it was the reason to start doing business with us. What’s helped us a lot is that we have the reports in ShipHero and we communicate these reports to our clients and they really appreciate it. I know for sure that that ShipHero has helped us a lot to grow.

I’m really happy with the support every day. It’s really positive. Also, if we need new features, they put it on the feature list. Actually, I don’t have any negative points.

Video Transcript
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