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ShipHero Case Study:

SportStop Scored a More Efficient Warehouse With ShipHero, a $7 Million business with just 10 full-time employees, needed a better and more efficient option for managing their orders and their shipping. As a lacrosse-specific sporting goods website, the beginning of the pandemic brought a lull that ended up being the perfect chance to begin the change.

Enter ShipHero. With a one-click integration with Shopify – a partner SportStop had already identified as a leading contender for their frontend website – ShipHero emerged as one of the best options to help streamline their warehouse operations and increase efficiency.

Video Transcript

We were we were excited to to move to something that was using iPads rather than specialized little devices that when you drop it and crack the screen, it’s a big problem. And I like the fact that you guys, it seems like you’re focused on like, let’s make picking quick, let’s make packing quick. Shaving off five or ten seconds here or there or sometimes a minute or two here or there, we kind of didn’t realize how beneficial that would be.

These Mondays, it’s been really rewarding just to be like, everything’s moving smoothly, everything’s going well. You know, hey, we got out, you know, 100 more orders this Monday than last Monday. And nobody’s pulling their hair out. And, you know, that’s the thing. Sometimes you don’t realize it when you’re middle of it, but you’re just like, oh, that went pretty well.

That was great. There was no problems, you know? One feature that you had when we launched that I didn’t know would be that used is just like the merging orders feature. I hadn’t realized how many orders in a given week that can be merged. I feel it’s made things feel more scalable, you know? It has, I guess emboldened me a little bit.

I think overall it makes it about 30% more efficient in picking and 20% more packing. I mean, I would recommend ShipHero for anybody who who does manage their own warehouse and is bringing in their own items and all that stuff. I love the fact that they do the basics so well, you know? And they keep improving it over time.

I mean, so we’ve been on the system for a year and in this past year there’s been a number of new features and new things that we didn’t know would be helpful, that are helpful. And so already in a year, you guys have changed so much more than the other system did in ten years, you know?

So, I’m excited about that.

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