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ShipHero Case Study: ONE23 Fulfillment & Black Wolf

Black Wolf Nation began its men’s skincare line in 2018, going from zero orders to 800 orders per day in just under three years! Once Black Wolf’s volume increased, their current solution, ShipStation, just couldn’t keep up. Their inventory counts were always off, and as their daily order count kept rising, they needed a better warehouse management software solution.

Enter ShipHero. With our powerful warehouse management software, ShipHero was able to provide Black Wolf Nation with the tools it needed to scale up quickly, efficiently manage its shipping operations and grow from not just one business, but two.

How to Ship Thousands of Orders a Day with ShipHero's Bulk Ship Feature

How to Ship Thousands of Orders a Day with ShipHero’s Bulk Ship Feature

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Single Item Batch Picking with ShipHero Mobile App

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Multi Item Batch Picking with ShipHero Mobile App

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