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CSV Order Upload Feature Walkthrough

In this video, Yosef and John introduce ShipHero’s new and improved CSV Order Upload feature. In the demonstration, Yosef shows how to upload a CSV order document, how to correct any mapping errors without re-uploading a whole document, how to review and finalize output, and how to use the intuitive interface to view and manage order information.

Video Transcript
0:00 Yosef: How are you doing today? John: I'm good. 0:02 John: How are you? 0:04 Yosef: Good. It's Thursday, which means we were supposed to record a video. Do you want to? 0:06 John: Yes, apparently. Well, we're here anyway, so might as well. What do you think we should cover today? 0:09 Yosef: I was thinking one of the more exciting features in ShipHero, everybody's favorite CSV order upload. 0:17 John: Oh man, I don't know if I'm ready for that. 0:19 Yosef: Yeah, it's pretty intense. 0:23 John: Sure, let's do it. You want to show your screen? 0:31 Yosef: Yeah, let me get that screenshot started. So, for anybody currently using ShipHero, this may be a little bit of a new screen for you. We do currently have CSV order upload available, kind of an older version, missing some really nice features that we built, namely error checking, kind of that status, like knowing uploaded a file, how many orders have been uploaded, where are these orders. So, we added some of those features. We also added some more intelligent mapping so you can basically upload a file, we'll try to match the names of your columns with the names that we need, the columns that we need, and match those automatically. And then we'll see, there's a nice interface for creating those mappings as well. 1:17 Yosef: Basically, the flow is pretty much the same as what was before. You start with uploading and then you do the mapping. So, we'll jump into it by first of all downloading the template. 1:26 John: Did we make it more beautiful or do we make it more functional? 1:34 Yosef: A little bit of each. So, it is nicer. You can now see the batches with the files that were uploaded. So, you have some more visibility to that, and then there is some more functionality as you'll see. 1:49 Yosef: We downloaded our template. We have all the columns here on top. You can see that actually in the column names, we put what's required so you can see the address is the required column. 2:31 Yosef: Basically, everything you'd expect in an order upload CSV. 2:47 John: Gotta love Excel. 2:53 Yosef: Now that we have our template ready, we can upload it. So, we'll upload orders and we'll choose our template or our file. And as you can see, we've automatically matched the fields in the template with the fields that we need in ShipHero. So, all these have been matched. That's because we used the ShipHero template so we know they're the exact same. 3:39 Yosef: So, completely, if you download the template like you just did, it automatically will map because we know those fields. 4:32 Yosef: So, if you upload a hundred... if you're doing an upload with a hundred and two of them failed with an error, you don't have to upload again. You can just do those two that were there, just those two. 5:12 Yosef: Yes, you won't have to upload all hundred again. You'll just be showing those orders that have failed. You can correct them, upload it again, and those two orders will be able. 5:54 John: We have an email notification for those too, right? 5:58 Yosef: Yeah, so there is an email. Once the batch is finished, you'll get an email. It'll tell you how many were created and how many errors there were. You could download the CSV with the errors from the email. 6:24 Yosef: Now, once you upload a file, you can then save that mapping. So, if I went through and created like a manual map, so I have my own custom file, I've mapped all the fields, you can click on this map and save as a template. 6:51 Yosef: Now that I've uploaded, you can see I have a couple of orders here that were uploaded. You can click on where it says orders and it'll take you to the manage orders page and show you just those orders. 8:31 John: Very cool. Well, thanks for joining us today and thank you also for taking us through CSV order upload. If you like this video, we'll do more. Hit the like or subscribe button. 8:51 Yosef: So, we've got to point up, I think, or down this way. You'll find like, subscribe, yeah, you'll find it and we'll do some more. Until next time, bye.
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