More Awesome WMS Features Just For You

It might be early in the season, but ShipHero comes bearing gifts. We’re introducing end-to-end wholesale functionality, Spanish language UI and more to help transform your warehouse.

More Awesome WMS Features Just For You


Now, not only can you pick and pack your wholesale orders from the ShipHero packing app, but you can easily print packing slips and shipping labels whether sending by courier or freight.

Pick & Pack Wholesale

Pick and pack wholesale orders from the same system you use to pick DTC. Allocate the inventory you’re using for wholesale and once the labels are printed, it will automatically be deducted from your system.

Generate Pallet Labels
Once your order is picked, you can generate the pallet labels you need in ShipHero so that your inventory gets delivered to the right location the first time.
Generate Courier Labels
If you’re using a courier to move goods, you can print these labels directly from ShipHero as well.
Ships Alone

You can now use the new product attribute Ships Alone to mark certain products that should be picked and packed separately regardless of the rest of the items in the order.

Example Use Case: You sell a large product that is stored on pallets and a customer places an order for this larger item and 2 smaller ones.

You can now designate the larger item as ships alone, which will allow your pickers to pick and pack the two smaller items, while not waiting for the larger item to get picked. 

This is also helpful for items you sell that come in their own packaging and just need a shipping label or component items that are part of a larger order.

Spanish UI

We know your brands are global and so is ShipHero! We’ve got clients and employees around the world and we want them to feel as comfortable using our WMS as anyone else. That’s why we now offer our picking and packing screens in Spanish!

The setting can be toggled on by user. We also offer our WorkforceHero kiosk in Spanish making it easier for workers to clock in and out, record breaks and receive new assignments.

WorkforceHero Job Codes

Have you harnessed the power of WorkforceHero yet? Check out this video to learn more about it. We also wanted to let you know that we’ve introduced job codes to WFH. The system is currently programmed with specific job codes, but you can also create your own custom job codes.

Click here to find out more about WorkforceHero Job Codes.

Shipping Container
Mobile UI

We’ve made it easier for your warehouse teams to sort packages into the right shipping containers and help eliminate the issue of “no first scan.” Now all the information you need to get packages to the correct carriers is available via a barcode scan in the mobile app.

Find out more here.

Get More Done with ShipHero

We’re excited to share these new features with you! Click through to learn more or reach out to Customer Support to get any specific questions answered. We’ll keep working to bring valuable features built to make your business more profitable and your warehouse life easier!