Increased Security + Ease of Use = Single Sign-On with ShipHero

SSO Brings Efficiency, Enhanced Security & More

ShipHero now uses Security Assertion Markup Language 2 (SAML2), allowing clients to use Single Sign-On (SSO) when working across different ShipHero programs. With the use of the SAML2, SSO is a safe and secure way to pass login credentials to different Identity Providers (IdPs) to use those credentials across connected networks.

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Benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO)

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Increased Security

SAML acts as a bridge between systems, passing authentication credentials back and forth

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Increased Peace of Mind

With SSO, the number of forgotten password requests will go down and it’ll be easier for your team to access your ShipHero data

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Increased Control

Provides control with easy-to-audit access logs and reduces duplicate accounts  


One Account to Rule Them All

These screenshots illustrate how easy it will be for users to implement SSO, once it is turned on for ShipHero clients. By choosing “Login with SSO,” users will be prompted to allow their company username and password to act as the skeleton key for all connected programs.

This is very similar to how other common SSO programs work, like Google or OneLogin.

Secure Single Sign-On is a coordinated effort between an identity provider (IdP) and ShipHero. Our client support teams are fully versed in how to troubleshoot any issues with SSO and are ready to assist clients that might have questions or concerns.

The monthly cost for this added functionality is $299 for non-Enterprise clients and free for Enterprise clients.

More Functionality to Come

Single Sign-On with SAML2 also brings added functionality that ShipHero intends to implement in the future; Multi-factor Authentication, Biometrics and Social Logins and more. SSO unlocks a lot of potential and ShipHero’s team is looking forward to leading the way in account management, security and functionality.

For more information about SSO and SAML2, contact our Client Support Team today HERE!

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