ShipScore by ShipHero

Free evaluation tool to improve your shipping and revenue.

Available in the Shopify App Store.

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See Growth Opportunities

ShipScore will walk you through your order stats and help you devise opportunities to improve sales and shipping pricing.

Identify Fulfillment Gaps

Know how your business stacks up with pick, pack and order preparation. Better allocate time, budget and talent based on your metrics.

Track Your Shipping Times

How long are your orders in transit? What regions are more costly? How do your shipping carrier costs compare? Get key insights and save $$$

Filter by State

The clickable shipping map allows you to select and filter recent orders by the destination state.

Filter by Shipping Method

Filter and display your orders by specific carrier(s) and shipping method(s).

Filter by Date

Filter your tracked orders by specific order date or range of dates.

About ShipScore

Is your shipping costing you revenue and lost sales? This free tool is designed to help you evaluate your supply chain, with powerful product tracking information and point-and-click control.

Why Use ShipScore

ShipScore is an easy-to-use data visualization tool and dashboard that gives you at-a-glance oversight for all of your ongoing orders across carriers and regions, so you can track their progress from ordered to delivered.

With flexible and multi-select filtering options, ShipScore makes it easy to visualize important insights relating to your order fulfillment capabilities, and share vital statistics with your employees and customers.

Improve your Shipping score with ShipHero

ShipHero provides outsourced shipping with simple pricing starting at $5.58


Send your inventory to one of our receiving warehouses

Once your inventory has been received, ShipHero’s powerful forecasting algorithm uses your sales history to optimally plan the distribution of your products across our network of warehouses.


We store your products closer to your customers

Your products are intelligently distributed throughout our nationwide network of warehouses, reducing future shipping costs and delivery times, to maximize carbon savings through prioritization of ground transport.


We ship your products and continually optimize delivery

Orders are picked and shipped from the ideal ShipHero warehouse based on location, product availability, and ground transportation performance. For delivery, we create optimal routes using national, regional and local carriers, as well as our own vehicles to move packages closer to delivery points.

Powerful Shipping Capabilities Made Simple

Access your supply chain and logistics data without having to run
SQL queries or constantly call the warehouse for support.
ShipHero lets you:

  • Monitor inventory and shipments in real-time
  • Instantly update or cancel orders for customers
  • Sync inventory to Shopify within seconds
  • Track billing and payments

That’s why ShipHero has $5 billion of ecommerce orders shipped to date.