ShipHero’s New Unit of Measure Feature Further Streamlines Picking Efficiency and Warehouse Operations

ShipHero is proud to announce the roll-out of a new feature for our shipping software clients that will make picking even more efficient and help streamline their warehouse. Unit of Measure (UOM) is now available in ShipHero’s shipping software and mobile app, and it brings even more accuracy to ShipHero’s already 99%+ accurate process.

How It Works – Unit of Measure 

Here’s how UOM works:
For items that have multiple units of measure, for example an item that comes in multi-packs, but are also sold individually, it is now possible to pick packs of that item and scan them only once – regardless of their pack quantity.

For example:
You sell keychains and they are sold individually by SKU. However, when they are shipped they are shipped in bags of 10. An order comes in for 12 keychains. When the picker goes to fill the order, they can now pick up 1 bag of 10, scan it once and then finish the order with 2 individual keychains. It’s the difference between 3 scans versus 12 scans – time saver!

Why It’s Important

By using UOM, pickers can now cut down on the amount of time it takes to fulfill orders, especially those with multiple items. Also, the system will prescribe the best picking options. When an order for 12 keychains comes in, it will indicate to the picker that 1 full pack of 10 and 2 individual keychains are available to pick.

UOM also extends to cases. Instead of scanning 100 keychains, you just scan the case barcode and move along. 

How It Helps ShipHero Clients

The biggest benefit to UOM is picking efficiency. A disorganized warehouse is the largest time suck for eCommerce businesses. This extends to inefficient picking and packing procedures. This speaks directly to the metrics that ShipHero can move for our clients. One way to increase warehouse efficiency is to increase picking efficiency. One way to lower the number of mis-picks is to increase picking efficiency.

UOM is a feature that will have far-reaching effects for ShipHero clients throughout their warehouse operations. “We’re excited to offer this option because we know the amount of time it will save,” Yosef Haas said. As ShipHero’s VP of Product he’s always looking for ways to make the client experience better. “Reducing the number of scans and giving pickers the best options to choose from when filling a multi-item order are efficiencies that work, and really move the needle in regards to output,” Haas said.

If you are a current ShipHero SaaS client and would like to know about the new unit of measure feature, please reach out to Client Support today.

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