ShipHero Rolls Out New Feature PostHero

Real-Time Shipment Tracking and Shipping Carrier Updating For Fulfillment Clients

ShipHero is proud to announce a new set of features now available to all of its Fulfillment clients. PostHero is a post-shipment dashboard and data visualization tool that gives ShipHero Fulfillment clients the data they need to make informed decisions about their shipping performance and carriers.

With PostHero, ShipHero Fulfillment clients will be able to:

  • Track Packages Across Carriers
  • Identify Growth Opportunities in Shipping
  • Recognize and Address Fulfillment Gaps

PostHero provides insight by giving clients the tools they need to truly understand their fulfillment process, even after the package has left their facility.

With this data, Fulfillment clients can analyze how certain carriers perform, what average transit times are and what changes, if any, they should make to optimize their revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

“We’re very happy to incorporate PostHero directly into ShipHero for Fulfillment,” Aaron Rubin, ShipHero’s Founder and CEO said. “This will give our Fulfillment clients a chance to really understand and control their shipping times and carrier distribution. Once you have the data – How long does it take? Who ships faster? – you’re able to make better decisions that maximize revenue. And of course, increase customer satisfaction.”

Now more than ever customers want to know where their packages are at all times. With PostHero, this ability is now in Fulfillment clients’ hands. A planned integration with Klaviyo and PostScript will be coming soon that will enable these shipment updates to be sent directly to consumers. This is the type of transparency that is expected of online retailers today and in the future. 

“Once the 3rd party integration launches, we don’t see any reasons customers won’t want access to these features. We’re so glad that PostHero is immediately available for our Fulfillment customers. We’re working hard to also roll this out to our software clients too. We really feel it brings value,” Rubin stated.

ShipHero premiered PostHero after sunsetting an app called ShipScore that was part of the Shopify App store. PostHero provides all of the same functionality, but now it’s completely integrated with ShipHero for Fulfillment. To learn more about the superpowers of PostHero, click HERE.

About ShipHero

ShipHero is a US based, leading provider of cloud-based eCommerce fulfillment solutions that gives online retailers and third-party logistics providers the tools to ship more efficiently anywhere in the world. With more than 5,000 customers located around the globe, ShipHero offers online retailers a suite of services ranging from warehouse management software to outsourced fulfillment as a service. Some notable customers include Mars, Universal Music Group and Canadian Tire. Additionally, ShipHero is the official fulfillment network partner for Shopify, and is rapidly scaling a network of warehouses throughout the US to meet the growing demands of today’s online retailers.

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