ShipHero Partners with Walmart & eBay to Make Fulfillment Easier

New Walmart and eBay integrations make ShipHero a Stronger Fulfillment Partner

ShipHero is proud to announce that we have recently finalized in-app integrations with both Walmart and eBay. With this new capability, Walmart and eBay customers will find it easier than ever to fulfill and ship orders with ShipHero. Plus, this means better inventory management across all ShipHero clients’ connected stores.

How Integration Works for Ecommerce Partners
Any ShipHero Fulfillment client, that is also a Walmart or eBay customer, can now connect their Walmart and eBay stores to ShipHero’s fulfillment solution. By integrating with these two major ecommerce brands, ShipHero is giving its customers more options for how to manage and fulfill orders, as well as allowing their inventory to sync across all of their store connections.

The more integrated ShipHero’s customer stores are, the easier it will be to manage inventory, returns and fulfillment. ShipHero believes that these types of partnerships are what allow us to give our customers superpowers – whether it’s managing a warehouse, inventory or fulfillment, ShipHero’s ability to partner with large names that Walmart and eBay make us an invaluable part of the ecommerce space.

A New Tool Added to an Already Full Toolkit
Over the last year, ShipHero has seen massive growth due to the sharp rise in ecommerce spending and transactions throughout the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Through all of that growth, ShipHero has worked to bring valuable and useful tools to new and existing clients to make their ecommerce businesses grow.

ShipHero has recently rolled out similar integrations with companies like Fedex and DHL, and is always looking for ways to further expand the capabilities of our fulfillment solutions. ShipHero was founded on the belief that ecommerce fulfillment and warehouse management shouldn’t be so hard … and if it is, we have the superpowers to make it easier.

If you’re an existing ShipHero customer, you can contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) today to find out how ShipHero can help you connect your Walmart and eBay account with ShipHero. Walmart customers may also follow the instructions outlined HERE.

If you’re new to ShipHero Fulfillment, please schedule a meeting today with our experts to learn more about how we can help you get your orders picked, packed, and delivered with our fulfillment service. No setup fees, simply pay as you go. ShipHero works to ensure that organizations invest in the solutions that match their needs, to improve productivity, revenue, and success.

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