ShipHero Offers Canadian Route for Low-Value Shipments

Landed costs can be a heavy burden on eCommerce brands. In addition to shipping and carrier costs, import fees and taxes can make it difficult to stay competitive and keep up with customer expectations.

With offers like free shipping and overnight delivery becoming the industry norm, shippers are seeking out creative ways to cut costs and appeal to the growing pool of online shoppers. One of those methods involve moving single shipments across the northern border to cut down on landed costs.

Under Section 321, duty-free international shipping is possible. By importing products through Canada, this law allows shippers to avoid additional taxes and fees while continuing to provide speedy delivery for customers. recently spoke with VP of Fulfillment Sales Ryan Bennet to discuss the advantages Section 321 provides and how ShipHero’s network of fulfillment centers helps brands avoid duties and taxes on certain shipments. 

Read the full release here.

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