ShipHero Achieves “Built for NetSuite” Status

NetSuite is to Finance and IT what ShipHero is to WMS. As a result, NetSuite is used to manage dozens of internal functions that make your business run. However, keeping your warehouse data in sync with your system, giving your customer support team the information they need to resolve customer issues, and keeping your operations running smoothly needs more than a standard WMS. 

The ShipHero team is thrilled to announce that they have achieved “Built for NetSuite” status for their WMS solution. The “Built for NetSuite” program recognizes solutions that meet the same level of standards for security, data privacy and overall quality as the solutions offered by NetSuite. ShipHero’s WMS for NetSuite solution is a powerful combination of ShipHero’s WMS, embedded tools within NetSuite, and a real-time two-way integration that moves data between platforms

Here are the key areas areas where the NetSuite/ShipHero integration really shines:


You’ll always know what’s happening in your warehouse with the easy-to-read NetSuite dashboard. NetSuite’s dashboard updates in real time, giving you instant awareness of any delays right when they happen. If an order is flagged or an action is taken on a shipment, that information is immediately captured and displayed, giving you the full story of an item’s delivery status.

Data Sync

Never wonder again if the data you’re seeing is accurate. The NetSuite/ShipHero integration allows data to freely move back and forth keeping your inventory counts accurate and helping you to avoid lengthy financial reconciliations on missed inventory or missing shipments.

More Efficient Processes

ShipHero with NetSuite brings you a fully paperless warehouse management experience, cuts down on error rates and waits for manual updates to show in the system. Plus, we can help you better schedule your workforce, to cut down on the number of overtime shifts. One of the best parts is that ShipHero is one of the easiest WMS to learn. Many of our clients have told us that they can get a brand new employee up and running on the mobile app in 15-20 minutes. No more waiting for your team to get up to speed.

ShipHero & NetSuite

ShipHero clients are already leveraging the NetSuite integration to boost their response time and keep customers happy. As an important player in the eCommerce space, ShipHero is committed to working closely with NetSuite to ensure our clients get maximum value from their customer service interactions. 

Additional features of the ShipHero & NetSuite integration include:

  • Bi-directional data synchronization
  • Products & Kits
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders & Transfer Orders
  • Inventory Quantities & Locations
  • Serial Numbers, Lot codes and Expiration Dates
  • Work orders & Assemblies
  • Returns Implementation

The integration will also be handled 100% in-house by ShipHero, allowing you to go live in as little as 6 weeks without any third party involvement. 

As ShipHero CEO Aaron Rubin says, “We win because of the quality of our software, the features of our software and our support and ops teams. As eCommerce continues to grow as an industry, close collaboration with our software partners is a top priority.”

Get the best warehouse operating system in the business and leverage the power of NetSuite with the backing of ShipHero. Get started now!

About ShipHero

ShipHero is a US based, leading provider of an award-winning cloud-based warehouse operating system that gives online retailers and third-party logistics providers the tools to ship more efficiently anywhere in the world. With more than 6,500 customers located around the globe, ShipHero offers online retailers a suite of services ranging from warehouse management software to outsourced fulfillment as a service. Additionally, ShipHero is the official fulfillment network partner for Shopify, and now has 9 owned and operated warehouses across North America to get our clients’ products to their customers faster.

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