New LCL Shipping Option Gets eCommerce Products to US Shores Faster

In partnership with Flexport, ShipHero is proud to announce a new shipping option meant to address the current congestion at US ports. Flexport has developed Flow Direct, a less-than-container-load(LCL) shipping option that allows clients to purchase space in shipping containers along with other clients. This allows smaller businesses with less product to get their goods from Shanghai to ShipHero’s Las Vegas warehouse in 23-25 days at just a fraction of the cost.

Flexport Flow Direct is ideal for fulfillment clients who:

  • Ship regularly to the US for eCommerce replenishment.
  • Already ship LCL to the US.
  • Are not first-time shippers.
  • Source their goods from within 400km of Shanghai.
  • Ship to ShipHero’s Las Vegas warehouse.
  • Do not ship hazardous, dangerous or regulated goods including li-ion batteries and no goods that are regulated or subject to Other Government Agency (OGA) review (e.g., FDA, FCC, etc.). This includes cotton products produced in China due to the Withhold Release Order issued in Jan 2021.

For freight shipping in October 2021, Flow Direct costs $325 USD per Cubic Meter (CBM) of space. (This fee includes transportation from our Shanghai consolidation center to the ShipHero warehouse in the US.)

Cargo Insurance, Customs Clearance and Import Fees (duty and tax) are extra because these fees are determined on the type of / value of your shipment – but not to worry, Flexport’s insurance and Customs clearance rates are very competitive. You will find these rates to be comfortably between FCL and standard LCL rates, leaning towards FCL. There is a one CBM minimum charge, and there is no maximum amount you can ship. November rates will be published soon.

This new shipping option is available NOW for ShipHero Fulfillment customers, all they have to do is sign up as a Flexport customer by contacting the sales team at
ShipHero Fulfillment customers may also reach out to their Client Success Manager for questions, HERE.

We are excited to bring ShipHero clients this out-of-the-box option that directly addresses the shipping log-jam that is cramping everyone’s holiday style. At ShipHero, we can feel your clients’ frustration and ShipHero is glad to partner with companies like Flexport to bring solutions directly to our clients.

If you’re new to ShipHero and are interested in learning more about our fulfillment services, please schedule an appointment with our Fulfillment Sales Team, HERE.

About ShipHero
ShipHero is a US-based, leading solution provider in the fast growing eCommerce fulfillment space. ShipHero served over $5 billion of eCommerce orders in 2020 and is growing rapidly. ShipHero provides warehouse management software for brands that operate their own warehouses as well as outsourced fulfillment as a service from ShipHero owned and operated North American warehouses.

Some notable customers include Universal Music Group, Glossier and Canadian Tire. ShipHero is a Shopify Plus partner and we serve more than 10% of Shopify plus stores globally.

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