eCommerce Startups Struggle to Scale Logistics Capabilities to Meet Demand Surge

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The accelerated adoption of eCommerce over the past 18 months has created a potentially lucrative space for newcomers looking to reach shoppers. Brand loyalty is falling, according to several industry watchers, and nearly 84% of consumers who used online shopping during the pandemic plan to maintain their new habits, according to PYMNTS research.

Maggie Barnett, chief operating officer at ShipHero, said that when it comes to startups scaling operations, “eCommerce logistics is tough,” especially at a moment when hundreds of container ships are waiting offshore at ports around the world.

“Finding great products and learning how to do Facebook ads and Instagram ads and TikTok, that’s one thing. … But when it comes down to it, getting your product in right now, it’s brutal,” she told PYMNTS in a recent interview.


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