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Royal Mail

Royal Mail’s shipping and marketing solutions were designed to simplify the complicated world of logistics. With easy-to-use tools, business mail services and increased data visibility, ShipHero’s integration with Royal Mail provides a reliable partnership that adds true value to any growing eCommerce brand.

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ShipHero + Royal Mail = Success!

As a ShipHero client, here’s what Royal Mail can offer you.

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Click & Drop Tool

With Royal Mail’s Click & Drop tool, you’ll be able to pay for postage online, print labels, and manage various online marketplaces all in one place.

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Business Mail Services

Royal Mail provides a flexible business mail service that can fit brands of all sizes. Bills, invoices, and customer service updates can all be prepped and managed with Royal Mail to create value for your customers.

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Carbon Calculator

In an effort to offset carbon emissions driven by the shipping industry, Royal Mail built their Carbon Calculator feature. With this tool, you can determine the environmental impact of your shipments and find steps to reduce your brand’s carbon footprint.

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Still have questions?

Contact our Client Support Team if you’d like more information about Royal Mail or the specifics of the ShipHero/Royal Mail integration.

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