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As a ShipHero integration, GLS US is committed to giving your brand a high-quality shipping and delivery experience. GLS’ dedicated account managers are here to help you find the optimal solutions for your specific shipping needs. With an expansive next-day delivery area and full data integration capabilities, GLS is ready to take your eCommerce brand to the next level.

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ShipHero + GLS US = Success!

As a ShipHero client, here’s what GLS US can offer you.

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Online Shipping

By integrating with GLS, you’ll get access to a simple, convenient and comprehensive online shipping process. From label printing to scheduling pickups, GLS is ready to connect you and your customers with a simple but optimized process.

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Next-Day Delivery

GLS boasts an expansive next-day delivery area, providing an efficient parcel and freight delivery solution that keeps your customers happy.

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Instant-Rate Calculator

Calculating the associated rates and fees for your packages is made simple with GLS US, which offers upfront info on special handling fees, accessorial charges and fuel surcharges.

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Still have questions?

Contact our Client Support Team if you’d like more information about GLS US or the specifics of the ShipHero/GLS US integration.

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