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Australia Post

With a commitment to community and an emphasis on reliable shipping, Australia Post is a logistics industry leader that can help you scale your eCommerce brand. ShipHero’s integration with Australia Post means you’ll get access to top-tier tracking technology and reliable shipping at an affordable price.

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ShipHero + Australia Post = Success!

As a ShipHero client, here’s what Australia Post can offer you.

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Real Time Updates

The visibility that Australia Post offers means you’ll never have to wonder about your product’s delivery times. Their real-time updates alert you of any service disruptions, allowing you to give your customers accurate delivery time estimates.

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Customer Commitment

Australia Post is committed to customer satisfaction by providing you with reliable services that take the stress out of distribution. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your distribution or scale your eCommerce brand, Australia Post’s customer service experts are here to help.

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Green Supply Chain

Since 2010, Australia Post has cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 25%. With a fleet of electric vehicles and bikes, Australia Post is setting the standard for environmentally conscious product delivery.

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Still have questions?

Contact our Client Support Team if you’d like more information about Australia Post or the specifics of the ShipHero/Australia Post integration.

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