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With strategically located fulfillment centers and unparalleled customer service, APC has provided efficient cross-border distribution for nearly two decades. ShipHero’s APC integration connects you with competitively priced shipping to customers all over the world with a full range of shipping and mailing options.

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ShipHero + APC = Success!

As a ShipHero client, here’s what APC can offer you.

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Logistics Industry Leader

As an industry leader for over a decade, APC offers top-tier customer service, guaranteed accuracy and creative solutions for your brand’s logistical challenges.

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International Shipping

APC’s advanced network of foreign postal lanes can open your brand to a worldwide customer base, with the ideal mix of price, transit and visibility.

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Secure Air Freight

Whether you need fast delivery or reliable shipping to any doorstep worldwide, APC provides secure air-freight services that stay on-budget.

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Still have questions?

Contact our Client Support Team if you’d like more information about APC or the specifics of the ShipHero/APC integration.

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