What is Discreet Shipping? And Should You Use It?

A plain white box being packed with coreggated shipping material so no one can see what is inside the box

As shopping behaviors continue to develop, businesses must find ways to stay ahead. Discreet shipping has gained traction in the last decade, offering customers greater privacy and peace of mind when their goods are delivered. What is discreet shipping? We’ll explore what it entails, its practical applications for eCommerce, and how you can leverage these benefits for your business.

What is Discreet Shipping?

Discreet shipping refers to packaging and shipping items that don’t reveal their contents or identity. The packaging may be plain or unmarked, and the sender’s name or return address may be omitted. The goal is to protect the privacy of the person receiving the package, even during shipping.

Why Use Discreet Shipping in eCommerce Fulfillment?

There are several reasons why eCommerce businesses might choose to use discreet shipping:

  1. Privacy: When ordering sensitive or personal items, some customers may wish to keep the contents of their packages private. Shipping discreetly allows them to do so without worrying about others discovering what’s inside.
  2. Branding: Discreet shipping may enable some businesses to avoid any potential negative association between their brand and specific products.
  3. Security: Discreet shipping helps protect the contents of the package from theft or damage.
  4. Avoidance of Embarrassment: A package with an explicit label may embarrass some customers.

Discreet shipping can help eCommerce businesses cater to a broad range of customers, protect their brand, and ensure the security of the package.

Why do people prefer Discreet Shipping?

Discreet shipping has become increasingly popular with customers in recent years, providing a higher level of privacy when purchasing certain items. Rather than having the store or sender’s name printed on the outside of the box or mailer, discreet packaging is designed to be more generic and concealed, often using plain brown boxes and tape with no identifiable features. 

This reassures customers that their personal choices are kept private while ensuring they can trust their items will be adequately protected during transit. On top of preserving customer privacy, discreet shipping also helps maintain consumer loyalty and trust in a brand. Customers are more likely to return to a store if they know that their items will arrive securely without jeopardizing their safety or exposing them to unwanted attention.

How to Prepare your Store for Discreet Shipping

Preparing for discreet shipping can be accomplished in a few steps:

  • Create an option for discreet shipping at checkout: Make sure customers can choose discreet shipping. This could be a simple checkbox or a drop-down menu where customers can select the type of shipping they prefer.
  • Use plain packaging: Use simple, unmarked packaging for discreet shipping orders. Avoid company branding or logos; consider using plain brown or white boxes or envelopes.
  • Remove identifying information: Remove any identifying information from the packaging, such as the company name or return address.
  • Train employees: Train employees on the importance of discreet shipping and how to handle and package these orders properly.
  • Communicate with customers: Communicate with customers about your discreet shipping policy and how you will handle their orders. This will help them understand what to expect and feel more confident in their purchase.
  • Be aware of legal requirements: Be mindful of any legal requirements for shipping certain products, and make sure that your discreet shipping practices comply with these laws.
  • Track and Monitor: Keep track and monitor the process of discreet shipping orders to ensure that everything is going well and to be able to resolve any issues that may arise.

Where Can You Buy Discreet Shipping Boxes?

With a range of options from packaging suppliers, online marketplaces, specialized shipping supply stores, and custom packaging companies available – there’s no excuse not to go discreet when mailing out your items.

  • Packaging suppliers: Packaging suppliers often offer plain, unmarked boxes that can be used for discreet shipping. Your packaging can also be custom printed without branding.
  • Online marketplaces: Online marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba sell plain, unmarked boxes that can be used to ship discreetly.
  • Shipping Supply Stores: A shipping supplies store like Uline or Packaging Supplies By Mail typically stocks plain, unmarked boxes that can be used for discreet shipping.
  • Custom Packaging companies: A custom packaging company can also create plain packaging tailored to the specific size and shape needed without branding.

Many eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce, offer discreet shipping add-ons, which you can integrate into your store’s checkout process. The add-ons also allow you to choose plain packaging from the options available.

Benefits & Barriers Of Being Subtle

The subtlety of discreet shipping has the following benefits: 

Discreet shipping provides an invaluable service, benefiting both customers and businesses alike. It ensures privacy when ordering sensitive items and avoids potential embarrassment for consumers; all while protecting companies’ branding assets. Furthermore, proactive security measures are implemented to ensure packages arrive safely at their destinations – making discreet shipping a win-win solution in many situations.

Some barriers to discreet shipping include the following:

However, for some products and services, opting for discreet shipping may not be the right choice. Extra charges such as packaging costs, labor fees, and additional shipping expenses are to be taken into account before settling on this mode of delivery. 

Businesses must abide by all legal policies associated with their package contents in order to avoid any serious repercussions that could arise from improper compliance. With these various considerations at play when considering discreet shipment methods it behooves organizations to assess them thoroughly prior to making a decision about how they ship out goods

What Discreet Packaging Looks Like

Discreet packaging is outer packaging that typically looks plain and simple, often with no branding or identifying information on the outside. It may be a plain brown or white box or a plain envelope. The packaging may also be unmarked or have minimal labeling that does not reveal the contents of the package. It’s also important to note that the package may not have any indication of the store or the sender. Instead, the return address may be a PO Box or a fake address. It might also have a generic label such as “shipping department” or “fulfillment center” instead of the company name.

Some examples of discreet packaging include:

  • A plain brown box with no branding or identifying information on the outside.
  • A plain white envelope with minimal labeling and no indication of the sender or contents.
  • A plain box or envelope with a generic label such as “Shipping Department” or “Fulfillment Center” instead of the company name.
  • A plain box or envelope with a return address that is a PO box or a fake address.

It’s important to note that while discreet packaging may be plain and simple, it should still be sturdy and protect the package’s contents during transit.

Discreet Packaging and the Unboxing Experience

Unboxing experiences can be influenced in several ways by discreet packaging. Certain brands can use minimalist packaging to create a clean aesthetic and create a sense of luxury as well as privacy and surprise once the package is opened. 

At the same time, branding your outer packaging with logos or slogans can also enhance the unboxing experience for customers who recognize and associate with that brand. However, some customers may find that discreet packaging does not create an exciting unboxing experience if they are unaware of its purpose. 

In general, discreet forms of packaging can have a positive or negative impact on the unboxing experience, depending on the customer’s expectations and preferences. The seller needs to communicate their policy clearly and professionally so that customers know what to expect from their purchase.

Discreet Packaging Examples

Protect yourself from prying eyes with discreet shipping solutions! This secure system ensures sensitive goods such as medical supplies and lingerie are delivered to your doorstep without risk of judgment or embarrassing exposure. Some examples of items that are often sent discreetly are below.

  1. Adult products: It is common for companies that sell adult products to use discreet shipping to protect their client’s privacy.
  2. CBD products: CBD companies often use discreet shipping to protect their products from theft and damage and comply with legal requirements.
  3. Medical products: For patients’ privacy and to prevent customs seizures, some medical devices require discreet shipping.
  4. Beauty products: Some beauty companies use discrete shipping to protect their branding from being associated with certain products.
  5. Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical products are generally shipped discreetly to protect the privacy of their customers.
  6. Vape products: In some instances, vaping companies use discreet shipping to prevent theft or damage to the package contents and to satisfy legal shipping requirements.
  7. Luxury items: Shipping discreetly is a tool luxury brands use to protect high-value products by preventing theft and enhancing their customer experience.
  8. Subscription boxes: In addition to protecting the contents of subscription boxes from theft or damage, some subscription box companies use discreet shipping to comply with shipping laws.

Discreet Packaging and Everyday Products

Traditional Discreet Shipping

Traditional discreet shipping means packaging and materials that don’t explicitly show the inside contents, such as cardboard boxes, single-color paper, and generic labels. Businesses can take advantage of their local postal service’s flat-rate unmarked boxes that provide quick shipment while keeping the package hidden. 

To further conceal what is inside the box or for international shipments, companies might utilize a third-party logistics system (3PL) and list them as the sender and their return address if a customer isn’t satisfied. Adopting these traditional discreet shipping methods will help ensure confidential products stay private.

Hiding in Plain Sight

It may seem counterintuitive, but an essential aspect of discreet shipping is actually ensuring that your package doesn’t stand out from the others. This has become easier with the rise of eCommerce and its plentiful packages sent out daily; if you’re able to blend in with other parcels using similar materials, no one will be any wiser. 

For instance, Amazon’s particular box shapes and sizes can be replicated without their company logo, while mirroring the same type of broad tape they use will also help keep it under wraps. With a little effort and intelligent shopping, everyone can ship their goods anonymously without drawing attention to them.

USPS Discreet Shipping

USPS Discreet Mail Service provides a secure shipping and delivery policy to ensure customer satisfaction. They track the order from start to finish, and customers can have their package delivered to a USPS PO Box for an added level of security. 

Customers can place an order with their local USPS Discreet Mail Service office to request discreet service and choose from three available shipping services – USPS Priority Mail, Retail Ground, or Priority Mail Express. This reliable mail service is dedicated to providing customers with fast, secure, and discreet delivery of their packages.

FedEx Discreet Shipping

FedEx offers discreet shipping services at no additional cost to ship to their customers, delivering packages in plain boxes with only the company logo. The delivery person follows a strict courier policy, assessing overall environmental conditions and re-attempting delivery if they deem it unsafe. 

Whether you need your package overnight or two days later, FedEx provides three services: Ground, First Overnight, and 2 Day. These options guarantee secure and timely delivery while keeping privacy at its core.

Amazon Discreet Shipping

Amazon understands the value of protecting customers’ privacy and has created a discreet shipping policy that ensures all items are shipped with only their brand name on the box. The policy guarantees that all packages will be contained in unmarked boxes, with no indication of what is inside. Perfect for occasions when someone is sending or receiving gifts such as toys and musical instruments, sensitive electronics, and accessories, or expensive gadgets and laptops. 

Discreet International Shipping

When shipping goods internationally, it’s important to ensure that the correct paperwork is in place and all relevant information has been provided. Failure to do so can result in expensive customs fees or even the seizure of shipped items. Using generic packaging materials for international orders should be sufficient; however, attempting to hide contents from authorities can lead to serious consequences. Additionally, if customers request you mark a package as a “gift” or something else in an attempt to avoid taxation concerns – this too needs special consideration on the part of sellers before agreeing which could potentially put their business at risk!

 Key Takeaways

  1. Discreet shipping is used to protect customers’ privacy by not revealing the contents of the package. It is typically used for sensitive or personal items such as adult products, CBD products, medical products, beauty products, pharmaceuticals, vape products, high-value items, and subscription boxes.
  2. Discreet packaging typically looks plain and simple, often with no branding or identifying information on the outside. It may be a plain brown or white box or a plain envelope. The packaging may also be unmarked or have minimal labeling that does not reveal the contents of the package.
  3. Discreet packaging can affect the unboxing experience in several ways. It can make customers less excited to receive the package. However, brands can take the opportunity to spend money on the branding of the box’s contents instead of the packaging itself.
  4. Businesses may choose to use discreet shipping for various reasons, such as protecting their brand, protecting the privacy of their customers, and complying with legal requirements.
  5. The seller needs to communicate clearly and honestly with the customers about the discreet packaging policy and how it will affect the unboxing experience.
  6. Different types of discreet packaging are available, such as plain brown boxes, plain white boxes, plain mailing envelopes, Jiffy bags, bubble wrap envelopes, and custom-made plain packaging.
  7. The specific packaging used may vary depending on the item being shipped and the needs of the business or customer.
  8. It’s important to note that while the external packaging design may be plain and simple, it should still be sturdy and able to protect the contents of the package during transit.

Discreet Shipping FAQs

Is Amazon Discreet With Shipping?

The company ensures that no one can see what’s inside the package or even know to whom it’s addressed before it gets delivered. No labels on the outside of the box give away its contents. However, some items sold and shipped through third-party sellers may not be as well-packaged, so if you’re concerned about your privacy, check this before making a purchase.

How Do I Discreetly Receive a Package?

Most retailers and online stores offer discreet shipping during the checkout process. It is common for courier companies to provide this type of confidential shipping service at no extra charge to their customers. As a result, porch theft can be prevented, and customers’ privacy can be protected.

Customers who want their orders delivered to a PO Box rather than a residence can request that service. A return address must be provided by the customer for this method. However, customers can request in-house delivery while still maintaining anonymity.

How to Ship Anonymously

Companies looking to provide a secure and confidential shipment of their products can take advantage of traditional discreet shipping methods. This includes using packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, single-color paper, generic packaging, and labels or utilizing the local postal service’s flat-rate unmarked boxes for quick delivery that keep the contents hidden. Companies may also wish to employ third-party logistics systems with return addresses if customers are not satisfied – all helping ensure confidentiality is maintained throughout transit and arrival.

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