Get Access to the 2023 Benchmarks Report

From Shippo & ShipHero

Shippo and ShipHero have partnered for the 2023 Benchmarks Report that gives you real-world data around some of eCommerce’s biggest challenges and opportunities.

Report from Shippo and ShipHero

When you download the 2023 Benchmarks Report, you can expect:


In-depth analysis

Shippo examined internal data and compared it to macro-level statistics to understand why certain product categories perform the way they do.


Comprehensive coverage

From the moment a customer places an order to the post-purchase experience, we track the shipping journey and provide actionable insights.


Industry focus

The report focuses on six major product categories – apparel, beauty/skincare, electronics, health/wellness, jewelry, and sports/outdoors – but the key takeaways can be applied to merchants of any product category.

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