Fixes & Features, April 2024

Welcome to the monthly ShipHero Fixes & Features email. Our Product Team has been working hard to bring several new and impactful fixes and features to life.

New Features for March 2024

Prevent Partially Picked Orders from Shipping

There is a new setting that you can enable – Require an order to be fully picked before shipping.

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When enabled, if an order is not fully picked, a message will be displayed when the tote is scanned and the order will not be able to be shipped.

Early Access – RateShop+

Have you tried RateShop+ yet? It’s the newest way to get the cheapest rates with the best service level based on your parameters! Plus, we’ve added extra features like weighting different methods and carriers. Do you get cashback on your credit card when you use carriers like USPS, FedEx, or UPS? You can capitalize on this kind of incentive by weighting these carriers, ensuring they are always the cheapest method for specific service levels. 

Find out more about RateShop+ in our Knowledge Base. The feature is currently available to all current WMS clients for free!

New Fixes for March 2024

  • Fixed an issue where an error appeared when scanning Packing Slips during Packing
  • Fixed an issue with “sh-hospital” command during Packing
  • Fixed an issue where some orders were not marked as fulfilled in Amazon
  • Fixed an issue where Hold Until was not removed after expiring
  • Fixed an issue where Allocated quantity was taking Tote Picks quantities into account
  • Fixed an issue where HeroBoard Picker and Packer CSV Reports were empty
  • Fixed an issue with Barcodes exceeding 25 characters not being supported
  • Fixed an issue with Tote filter not working as expected in the Manage Orders Page
  • Fixed an issue with the Cost of Goods Report not finishing processing
  • Fixed an issue where RateShop was not working as expected on Brand accounts
  • Fixed an issue where products were not showing up in the Replenishment Report
  • Fixed an issue with Inventory Backup not working as expected for some accounts
  • Fixed an issue where the first Shopify variant created was duplicated when imported
  • Fixed an issue in Mobile where the Clear Lock was not working as expected

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