Struggling to keep track of inventory? Not any more.

Dedicate your attention to selling more products, not to managing your warehouse.
eCommerce Inventory Management for Shopify, BigCommerce, Walmart, Amazon, EBay, Etsy and WooCommerce

“ShipHero has become a complete solution for our inventory problems. With ShipHero I am now able to manage each location with ease and on top of that i can get a report of what is needed to be ordered!”

Dan RutaEcommerce Operations @ Gardin

All of your inventory managed in one place

Every connected store is always up-to-date with accurate inventory information, no matter how many stores or products you manage.

ShipHero allows you to search for inventory using multiple filter options

Inventory settings that you control

When you connect your stores, the entire product catalog is downloaded. ShipHero ensures that product availability is synchronized across all connected stores featuring matching products, so inventory is always accurate.

Manage your products across multiple stores, warehouses, and locations

ShipHero will generate SKUs for products automatically. Now, you can optimize how your inventory is recorded and prioritize where it is shipped to and from.

Keep tabs on everything.

Many things can affect your inventory. With ShipHero, there are no surprises.

Each inventory adjustment is tracked.

Know who did it, when it happened and why. If you’re mobile, use the ShipHero mobile app to receive inventory, pick items for orders, adjust inventory, cycle count or make product changes. Or use your desktop browser. Because each user has their own account, every change is tracked to the specific user.

You also know what’s happening now.

Just knowing how many products you have in your inventory is not enough. You also need to know which orders your inventory is allocated to, as well as any sell ahead counts that have been set.

ShipHero Inventory Logs Detail Every Inventory Adjustment So You Always Know

Why wait for the end of the year to count your stock?

There’s a better way to check your inventory levels.

Effortlessly count your stock anytime.

It happens in every warehouse: stock gets damaged, misplaced, and sometimes stolen. Typically, warehouses need to do a complete count of stock at least once a year to make sure it reflects the stats in the inventory system.

ShipHero helps you continually count your inventory using the cycle count feature. Simply set how many weeks you want for a complete cycle count (for example, 26 weeks would result in 2 complete cycle counts per year). Your team will have a set number of products to count for each week, which is easily completed on a mobile device. This additional level of inventory accuracy not only helps you know what products you to need to replenish, but also helps you avoid overselling.

Warehouse shutdowns for an annual inventory review? Gone the way of Clear Pepsi.

Inventory features that allow your business to expand.

ShipHero is easy to use, whether you have one employee or hundreds.

ShipHero is designed to help you grow.

Before coming to ShipHero, many customers struggle to keep track of their inventory by juggling a dizzying number of different apps and spreadsheets. But, paying for Netsuite or other traditional, large platform solutions is too expensive and not flexible enough. ShipHero is the only WMS and OMS offering that solves your fundamental challenges, while also providing the more complex features needed for larger operations.

Locations, Warehouses, Barcodes, API and more

From inventory bin location management to multi-warehouse configurations, ShipHero gives you all the tools you need to build your business.  Like a good yoga pant, we still fit when you expand.

ShipHero Inventory Management gives you easy to use, enterprise features that accelerate your growth

Synced inventory across all of your stores.

Accurate inventory, all the time.

ShipHero keeps your connected stores inventory in sync

Stop overselling.

As inventory is adjusted, ShipHero ensures your connected stores accurately reflect what products are available.

Connect multiple stores across multiple platforms.

ShipHero manages your products by SKU and keeps your inventory synced across your connected stores – even if you have 200 Shopify stores, or shops across every connected e-commerce platform.

Inventory reporting gives you the insights you need.

Detailed insights on your inventory activity help you run a smarter business.

Know what’s selling – and what’s not.

ShipHero provides reports that show what’s selling – and which products are hanging around longer. Use this insight to run campaigns, sales, or promotions and – more critically – ascertain what products are your winners and losers.

Track your team’s performance.

In your warehouse, do you know what types of inventory changes are being made and who’s making them? ShipHero helps you figure out what errors are happening with inventory adjustments and how productive each team member is.

ShipHero Inventory Management gives you easy to use, enterprise features that accelerate your growth