SHIPPERS VS. CARRIERS, Mailchimp Evolves, Japan Dentists Go Wild, AMZN Spaces Out

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When maritime consultant Drewry interviewed large shippers to gauge the health of the logistics industry, several shippers were very open to the fact that the relationship between shippers and carriers has been severely strained, and in one case, “at an all time low”. 

What’s the difference again?

The shipper is the company who owns the goods that are shipped (also called the consignor). The carrier is the company that transports goods on behalf of the shipper, and is responsible for the goods during transit.

Got it. And what’s the beef?

According to shippers, carriers are taking a “short-sighted” approach by taking advantage of the recent spike in demand, and in so doing tarnishing long-standing relationships. 

“Relationships with carriers count for nothing these days,” said one large European shipper. “The carriers are very opportunistic and take high-rate spot shipments rather than contract shipments – it is all about money.”

They sound bitter.

They have reason to. There have been cases where carriers do not honor their contractual MQCs (minimum quantity commitments), in an effort to secure spot shipments for additional profits — spot shippers transport goods “on the spot”, not through a contract, and therefore can charge an extra premium for the service. Additionally, carriers have recently chosen to cancel trips altogether in the U.S. to find greater profits elsewhere, leaving shippers scrambling to find spot shipments or NVOCC (Non-Vessel-Operating Common Carrier) which always charge a higher price.

Someone should help them work it out.

Well, the European Shippers’ Council has voiced their concerns to the European Commission, asking for an investigation into the carriers’ allegedly predatory behaviors. We hope they’ll hug it out soon.

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Evolution: From Mailchimp to …

Websitechimp. The widely-used newsletter platform turned marketing company, MailChimp, has announced new services to further service their growing base of e-commerce companies and rival the likes of Shopify. Mailchimp’s new “Websites & Commerce” plans lets small and medium businesses launch online stores, as well as a new appointment booking service. 

Buy a Teeth Clean, Get a Vaccine

In Japan, dentists can now deliver the vaccine. That’s right, due to a lack of manpower for properly administering the vaccine to Japan’s population, there are 14 million unused doses of COVID-19 vaccines. As imports ramp up, the Japanese government faces increasing pressure to find ways of inoculating the general public. Up next, chiropractors?

????GME GOES TO THE… Venture Capitalists ????

This week, GameStop raised $551 million through an equity offering, sending its shares 15% higher in extended trading on Monday. This comes as Ryan Cohen, majority GME shareholder and owner of RC Ventuers, leads Gamestop through an e-commerce transformation to compete with other retailers in the video game space, like Walmart, Microsoft and Sony.


On Monday, Jeff Bezos’s rocket company Blue Origin filed a 50-page protest challenging a $2.9 billion NASA contract to SpaceX, to build a lander for American astronauts to return to the moon. In response to the protest, Musk’s tweet points to Bezos’s possible dysfunction.

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