Pipe17 & ShipHero Integration Makes Order Management Simpler

By: Aaron Rubin, Founder & CEO of ShipHero

At ShipHero, our teams are constantly looking for ways to make our clients’ lives easier. Often this results in us tweaking our software or streamlining some internal processes. But even more frequently, it means finding and partnering with other organizations with the same goal. 

One of our newest integration partners is Pipe17. And we’re thrilled with the level of connectivity and customization that Pipe17 can pass along to ShipHero Software clients.

Why Pipe17?

One of our primary reasons for partnering with Pipe17 is that their entire business was designed to help and grow eCommerce businesses. Pipe17 started from the foundation that connecting all the programs you need to run a successful, digital-first business shouldn’t be a chore. 

This falls in line with ShipHero’s overriding goal to make it easy to ship eCommerce. We want our clients to see the value in having streamlined processes, custom workflows and a partner that understands what they need. 

Pipe17 also brings crucial connections to our clients that ShipHero didn’t have before now. We’re excited to give our clients the advantage of connecting platforms such as QuickBooks or NetSuite with ShipHero via Pipe17. The more of your systems that work with and “talk” to each other, the more streamlined your operation will be.

An Omnichannel Leader

Another of Pipe17’s strengths is their ability to help eCommerce businesses get the most out of omnichannel selling. This notion of selling across channels while maintaining the same level of customer satisfaction and also meeting the new fulfillment demands of in-store pickup and curbside delivery are only going to expand in 2022.

Pipe17 works with WMS platforms like ShipHero to help clients define specific rules for shipments, certain products or particular marketplaces. It’s easier than ever to designate these different orders for a variety of fulfillment options – including dropshipping, buy online, pick-up in store or warehouse fulfillment. Pipe17 leverages a client’s network of warehouses, current SKU availability and location to make the smartest fulfillment plan possible. For details on how Pipe17 supports ShipHero Fulfillment clients, click here.

ShipHero is aware of the importance of omnichannel selling, especially as vaccination rates rise and bring customers back to storefronts. This led to more customers doing multi-platform buying – often starting a purchase on mobile and finishing it online to then go pick it up in store. Any tools that can make this omnichannel process easier to navigate is a huge benefit to our eCommerce clients. And it’s just another reason why our partnership with Pipe17 is so important. For more details on how Pipe17 supports ShipHero SaaS clients, click here.

More Data = Better Insights

We learned early at ShipHero that having a full, 360-degree view of your warehouse and shipping operations gives clients the benefit to make smarter decisions, improve processes and encourage innovation. 

So, imagine the possibilities with even more data at the fingertips of clients? By adding in Pipe17 integrations with finance and ERPs, there are even more ways for clients to parse the data and view the overall picture of their warehouse’s performance and find more ways to improve. 

And because Pipe17 is all about no fuss, no muss integrations, setting up these connections is easier than ever.


All of this data helps clients to scale their businesses at a rate they’re comfortable with and gives them the insight to know it’ll be successful. Growing your business is the most important thing, and both Pipe17 and ShipHero can help you do it. 

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Aaron Rubin, Founder & CEO


About the author:  Aaron Rubin is the Founder & CEO of ShipHero. He is responsible for planning and executing the overall vision and strategy of the organization. Rubin’s greatest strengths are leadership, change management, strategic planning and a passion for progression. He is known for having his finger on the pulse of ShipHero’s major initiatives, his entrepreneurial spirit, and keen business acumen. His leadership of ShipHero is grounded in providing excellent customer service that drives improved business operations. His passion for ShipHero comes from the culture and his ability to have an impact on the lives of employees, customers, partners, and investors.

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