How a company with a cult-like following used ShipHero to meet skyrocketing demand

After coming up empty handed when searching online for affordable, stylish clothes in a range of sizes, stay-at-home mom Leslie Hall decided to create her own boutique. Shortly after she started filling a 10×10 room in her home with choice inventory, demand for her products quickly soared.

Turned out, countless women just like Hall were eager to find the exact same thing.

In less than four years, ZigZag Stripe exploded and now boasts a proper warehouse facility, three brick-and-mortar stores, and fifty employees. Still family owned and operated, the now-multimillion dollar company has gained a reputation for its fashionable, American-made pieces that flatter a variety of body types.

Of course, it’s due to this reputation that ZigZag’s customers are regular and avid shoppers, many purchasing products multiple times a week. Initially, the growing business had difficulty tracking these orders and often sent them out individually. Using paper print-outs, different warehouse staff would sift through the stock – much of which would be dwindling quickly due to the high demand – and ship each item separately to the same customer’s home. The result, of course, was wasted time and money.

After a particularly harrowing period when the warehouse team struggled to fulfill a huge influx of unexpected orders, ZigZag Stripe decided to use the ShipHero platform. The first day that they used it, they got 200 additional orders out the door. And within the first month, they no longer had the usual fifty or so erroneous orders that resulted from typical human error.

But, the feature that really sealed the deal was the “merge” function.

Now, when customers placed multiple orders in a short timeframe, ShipHero merged them into one. All warehouse staff had access to real-time status of all these orders, so no extraneous shipments were made. And, the warehouse team were able to find the lowest shipping rate for one shipment instead of multiple. As the manager of operations, noted:  for a company with a “cult-like following,” the merge function “has made a world of difference.”

The merge function is just one of the many groundbreaking features that ShipHero uses to help growing businesses fulfill orders and save money on shipments. To learn more about how our platform can address your e-commerce company’s unique needs, please contact us.

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