What Happened in eCommerce in 2022 and What it Means for 2023

It’s hard to believe that we’re already at the end of 2022, but as we all know, time flies! The eCommerce landscape of 2022 has been a wild ride, from fulfillment technology advancements to mobile commerce innovations and seamless omnichannel experiences. As 2023 rolls around, all these developments mean one thing: Companies need to stay on their toes and continue adapting their eCommerce strategy to the latest advancements to stay ahead of their competitors in the highly competitive eCommerce space. A lot has happened, so let’s look back at some of the biggest eCommerce developments in 2022 and see what they mean for 2023.

Mobile Shopping’s Rise to Power

eCommerce has come a long way since its inception, and the rise of mobile shopping is a testament to this. Mobile commerce volume is expected to hit $620.97 billion by 2024. This means nearly half (42.9%) of all eCommerce purchases will be made via a mobile device. eCommerce companies should fine-tune their strategies to cater to the increasingly mobile-savvy consumer. 

More and more shoppers are investigating products on their phones before deciding which to buy. Plus, with handier features and conveniences, they can enjoy the ultimate comfort while browsing and making purchases at their fingertips! The rise of mobile shopping gives eCommerce businesses more opportunities than ever to increase customer engagement and drive up profits.

Omnichannel Selling

eCommerce is a rapidly growing juggernaut of a marketplace, and one of the biggest trends to keep an eye on is omnichannel selling. Technically speaking, this strategy allows you to reach customers in as many channels as you can think up – from in-store purchases and eCommerce sites to social media platforms, email campaigns, and beyond! But what does it mean for businesses? Well, for starters, it means that staying ahead of eCommerce trends has never been more important! 

A successful omnichannel approach can bring numerous advantages; shoppers are no longer held to traditional hours or wait times when trying to reach an employee. Thanks to an eCommerce store that operates 24/7 and ways to reach customer support, even after business hours have ended. Additionally, with strong SEO practices and clever content marketing at play behind the scenes, customers find their way through different touchpoints right into your eCommerce store. All these advantages add up. 

eCommerce Goes Social

In the modern eCommerce landscape, it’s become increasingly important for businesses to cultivate a presence on social media. With more people flocking to platforms like Facebook and Instagram, eCommerce companies are turning to social commerce models as an easy way to engage potential shoppers and increase brand exposure. 

This trend has only been further augmented by clever influencer campaigns and sponsored content that drives measurable results. Ultimately, leveraging eCommerce trends and social media allows businesses to acquire and convert more customers quickly. It’s no surprise that companies are increasingly looking at social media as a viable eCommerce channel – once again proving how impactful this powerful medium can be!

Immersive Experiences with AI and AR

eCommerce trends are ever-evolving and staying on the cutting edge can be challenging. One of the most prominent eCommerce trends is using AI, automation, and Augmented Reality (AR) to improve customer service and experience. Although AI applications have been around for a while, only recently have eCommerce organizations taken full advantage of their potential in their technology stack. 

With AI and AR capabilities, eCommerce companies can go beyond mere personalization to create immersive shopping experiences with product recommendations tailored to an individual’s needs, virtual or augmented store environments that shoppers can explore without leaving home, and even eCommerce versions of the metaverse complete with avatars navigating life-like simulated stores. Together these tools represent just some of the ways AI has enabled eCommerce companies to enhance their customers’ experiences while streamlining their operations simultaneously – something they’ll no doubt be capitalizing on more and more in the coming years!

Using Technology to Optimize Labor

eCommerce trends continue to accelerate, and with peak seasons arriving earlier each year, warehouses are under immense pressure to find ways to optimize labor for order fulfillment. In the past, the answer was to hire more workers – throw bodies at the problem, as it were. But in today’s tight labor market, such a strategy isn’t feasible. 

Thankfully, engineers and technologists have developed solutions to keep eCommerce operations running smoothly while requiring fewer employees on the warehouse floor. The development of robust eCommerce technologies like advanced warehouse management means warehouses can maintain high throughput rates with fewer people. However, warehouse managers know there’s still no better way to fulfill orders than by leveraging extra manpower during peak season – even if only for a few weeks each year.  With dedicated teams using the most up-to-date eCommerce tools combined with clever coordination of optimal resources, there’s no eCommerce challenge too complex for any warehouse.

What Does This Mean for 2023?

As we enter 2023, it feels like eCommerce is on a rollercoaster. Technological innovations and consumer expectations have changed almost constantly, and retailers must reimagine themselves to stay in business. But amidst all the chaos, there are two reliable retail trends that every business can count on: change and innovation. 

Retailers need to adapt faster and move with agility regarding eCommerce trends like fulfillment, mobile commerce, omnichannel experiences, social media presence, and the use of AI. It’s about more than just “keeping up.” Businesses must lead the way to stay ahead of their competitors. They need to be smart about recognizing eCommerce trends as they emerge and being prepared for customers’ needs today so that they’re ready for whatever tomorrow might bring. With the right strategies in place and a willingness to innovate swiftly, companies will be well-positioned for success come 2023. 

 eCommerce Continues to Evolve

eCommerce trends in the eCommerce space are nothing short of amazing. eCommerce brings many fulfillment options for sellers, from same-day deliveries to improved returns processes, giving consumers more power than ever. eCommerce lets businesses enter the domain of mobile commerce, where they can quickly reach their target audience and foster more relationships. As eCommerce continues to evolve, we can expect greater convenience for shoppers and improved management capabilities for sellers to meet their customer’s needs and desires in real-time. The eCommerce landscape is exciting and rapidly changing – one thing is clear – the future promises immense opportunities for online business owners!

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Maggie M. Barnett, Esq. COO of ShipHero


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