Biden’s Environmental Justice League, Chairman Bernie Sanders Sells…

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Environmental Justice League

In a slew of Executive Orders signed during his first week on the job, President Biden aims to tackle climate change through his plan for a Clean Energy Revolution with Environmental Justice. In so doing, Biden has set up several councils and initiatives specifically focused on administering environmental justice and creating green jobs to fulfill his plan. 

I’m not saying President Joe Biden is Captain Planet, I’m just saying that I’ve never seen them in the same room at the same time…

What’s the goal?

President Biden’s plan aims to conserve at least 30% of the United State’s lands and waters by 2030. The plan also calls for a pause on new oil and gas leases on public lands and waters, while taking steps to increase offshore wind energy production 100% over the next ten years. 

The plan also promises to make major public investments in automobile infrastructure, including 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations, while accelerating R&D on battery technology and battery production. This is sure to increase production and widespread use of EV vehicles, buses and trucks for transportation.

Railway Revolution

Besides him famously commuting to work daily on trains, earning him the nickname “Amtrack Joe” (which would be a sweet rapper name), Biden’s infrastructure plan also promises to usher in the next great railway revolution. 

“Biden will make sure that America has the cleanest, safest, and fastest rail system in the world — for both passengers and freight”, reads his Plan. “Biden will work with Amtrak and private freight rail companies to further electrify the rail system, reducing diesel fuel emissions.”

Heavy investments on the railway system will lead to millions of “good, union jobs” for many Americans and breathe new life into America’s middle class. Way to go, Amtrack Joe.

Impact to Logistics

While nobody can be certain what the future will hold, we predict that logistics companies will be forced to move away from transportation systems that carry a heavy carbon footprint (think: air freight) and move towards a more eco-friendly option. 

Currently, multi-modal transportation systems that incorporate freight are too complex and downright costly, but Biden’s plan could turn the tides and make freight a viable option once more.

What do you think?? Will freight be a viable option for the future of logistics? Let us know your thoughts by emailing us here.

Back of the Packet

Order Up: 200 Million Piping Cold Vaccines

Besides checking off “climate change” on his presidential to-do list, President Biden also has the COVID-19 pandemic response to deal with. President Biden has ordered 200 million vaccines to be distributed equally between Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, in an effort to reduce reliance on vaccines coming from other countries.

Chairman Sander’s Merch

WE CALLED IT! Last Packet you may recall our prediction of the impending global fashion craze launched by the elegant and stunning Bernie Sanders walking the Red.. er.. Blue Carpet. Now Bernie Sanders merch has Sold Out on the Bernie Sanders official website, and all proceeds are going to a good cause.

“…all of the money that’s going to be raised – which I expect will be a couple of million dollars – will be going to programs like ‘Meals on Wheels,’ that feed low-income senior citizens,” Sanders said.

In a trend that just continues to prove the growing importance of political merchandise, the Bernie Sanders meme has taken a viral turn, being featured in everything from album covers to Japanese anime. What is it with Anime artists and Sanders men?

ShipHero News

Design for Returns

We start our The Fulfillment Innovation Wheel series by explaining Capability #4: Designed for Returns

Plain and simple, customers have come to expect a quick and easy return process. Can’t you just hear them shout “It’s 2021! why can’t this be easier?!” into the ear of your poor customer service rep? That’s why a growing number of businesses, led by Amazon and Walmart eCommerce, have taken the customer-centric approach by offering generous return policies and a frictionless return process. 

Find out how your business can offer a frictionless return process and bolster your customer loyalty. 

Stay tuned as we break down each of the twelve capabilities. Next we will discuss Capability #10: Scale up and out.

Dropship It Like It’s Hot

In the first of our Shipping Method Explained series, we dive into dropshipping. In this article, we weigh the pros and cons, and discuss when it’s right for your business. Stay tuned as we cover 3PLs and logistics providers next.

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