Unfolding the Details: Poly Mailers and Their Types

The main purpose of poly mailers is to provide a secure and efficient poly shipping bags’ solution. These are versatile shipping bags, popularly used by every brand shop for mailing bags of items, including a variety of things like DVDs, small items like phone cases, and even magazines. The interior is often spacious enough to accommodate various dimensions, sizes and shapes.

What are Poly Mailers?

Poly mailers bags, also known as polythene bags or plastic mailers’ bags, are a popular choice in the realm of shipping supplies. Their popularity stems from their lightweight design, low amount, and tear proof capabilities, which can help reduce postage costs with carriers like USPS. They also offer protection from moisture and minor damages, ensuring the packages reach their destination in good health.

Different Types of Poly Mailers

There are different types of poly mailers, each with a unique purpose. The most common ones are the standard poly mailers, poly bubble mailers, poly shipping bags, and the sustainable packaging option – compostable mailers. Kraft mailers, another option, have a sturdy build and offer the same opening mechanism with a peelable lip. This guide will help you understand the difference between each type of poly mailers and their benefits.

Standard Poly Mailers: Standard poly mailers are the most commonly used shipping mailers. Brands often make poly shipping bags and use these for shipping items such as clothes, shoes, and documents. These poly mailers are made of a thin layer of polyethylene, which is a type of recycled plastic. They often have a peel-and-seal opening for easy packaging and tamper-evident envelopes for security.

Poly Bubble Mailers: Poly bubble mailers serve a similar purpose but come with a layer of bubble padding inside. This extra padding makes them suitable for shipping fragile items like electronics. Unlike traditional packing peanuts, bubble mailers’ padding ensures secure packaging without the mess. The same mailers’ exterior is smooth, perfect for attaching shipping labels and enhancing the visibility of branding.

Compostable Mailers: Compostable mailers are a green alternative to regular plastic shipping bags. They are made from compostable materials, providing a more eco-friendly shipping solution. They are becoming increasingly popular among businesses conscious of their low environmental impact.

Custom Poly Mailers: Custom poly mailers are perfect for businesses looking to add a personal touch to their website and shipments. They can be custom-printed with brand logos or other designs, increasing brand visibility and reinforcing branding.

It’s important to note that the length and size of these mailers vary by site and shop. Be sure to check the dimensions before making a purchase from your shop or preferred packaging company. The right size can ensure the safety of your items and reduce expedited shipping costs.

Poly mailers, in all their forms, offer several benefits. They’re lightweight, which can save you money on postage. They’re also waterproof, protecting your packages from moisture damage. Their tamper-evident feature adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your items reach their destination intact. Moreover, they’re customizable, allowing you to add your products’ own style and personal touch, reinforcing your brand’s identity with every shipment you ship.

Switching to poly mailers can offer numerous advantages over traditional cartons or paper mailers. Not only are they lighter and more protective, but they’re also more flexible, able to accommodate and ship a wide range of sizes of items.

For packaging materials like poly bags or poly mailers, consider the contents, the ideal shipping conditions, and the potential for damages. Your choice of packaging used can make a significant difference in your brand’s reputation and the environment.


So, whether you’re shipping clothes, electronics, or using discreet shipping; poly mailers can be a reliable and cost-effective solution. But remember, the key lies in choosing the right type that best serves your purpose.


Can you put poly mailers in the mailbox?

Yes, you can put poly mailers in the mailbox. They are the bags designed to fit in standard mailboxes and are often the shipping bags used by USPS.

Are poly mailers recyclable?

Standard poly mailers made from polythene, a type of recycled plastic, are recyclable. However, it’s always good to check with your local recycling program to be sure.

Can poly mailers go through USPS?

Yes, poly mailers can go through USPS. They are a popular packaging choice for many products from many brands due to their light weight and durability, which make them ideal for shipping various items.

How do you seal a poly mailer?

Most poly mailers come with a peel-and-seal closure. Simply peel off the strip to expose, add the adhesive, fold the lip over, add, and press to secure the seal.

Are poly mailers waterproof?

Yes, poly mailers are waterproof. They are waterproof and are designed to resist moisture, offering extra protection for your items during transit.

Are bubble mailers recyclable?

Poly bubble mailers are typically not recyclable due to their interior layer of bubble padding. However, compostable poly mailers are, an eco-friendly alternative, are made from compostable materials and are recyclable.

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