Top 10 Best Order Fulfillment Options for Wix

What is Wix?

As one of the most popular website builders out there, Wix has around 200 million users worldwide. This website builder requires no coding or design skill and has a slew of tools you can directly implement into your website to beef up your eCommerce store. Using the Wix App Market you can easily integrate these additional programs with a click of a button so all your store needs can be found in one place. They are a company who prides themselves in offering a platform which empowers its users to put their best foot forward without the requirement of being highly tech savvy. 

Wix was born in 2006 and has scaled quickly becoming one of the leaders in website creation. They continually release new features to improve the platform so no matter your profession, they will have tools to empower you for success. 

Why use Wix?

One of the biggest reasons to choose Wix for your eCommerce store is the ability to use the platform completely free. You can build a beautiful website and launch your business without needing to pay a dime. Then, if you want more advanced features like invoicing, email campaigns, SEO, ads, and ownership over your domain, you can purchase a Wix Premium Plan for a low annual rate. 

Another reason is because Wix is powerful. They provide you with a slew of tools to help you engage with clients, analyze traffic, and much more. Plus when you create your website you can choose from hundreds of templates and drag and drop design choices that make setup simple. They also have a diverse App Market with over 250 solutions you can integrate directly into your site for further customization.

And it’s highly secure. Being SSL certified on your website, especially if you collect payments. Your clients need to feel they are safe entering their financial information at check out or when paying an invoice. Wix has you backed with security certificates which give your clients peace of mind. Now you can feel free to safely collect order payments, book events, offer subscriptions, and even classes from your Wix store. 

In the end, Wix is an exciting website builder to use because it’s simple to maintain and beautiful to use. This highly diverse platform is meant to give technological power back to entrepreneurs so their business development momentum doesn’t get halted in its tracks. 

Fulfillment Through Wix

If your online store needs to fulfill orders, you have several options which inherently work with Wix. The first being you as the seller can be the one to personally store, package, and ship your own products. Many people start out this way, but unless you want to invest in large logistical infrastructure it can become tedious as you grow.

You can also use dropshipping services; this is where you send orders to the manufacturer who then makes, packages and ships your product for you once an order is processed. For this option you don’t need inventory on hand but you are at the mercy of shipping congestion if your manufacturer is across seas.

And lastly, you can also work with a third-party fulfillment service. These are organizations who have invested heavily in fast and efficient fulfillment and shipping options so you don’t have to worry about it. They are often spread around the US so your product is within quick delivery distance of your customers. They will store, pick, pack, and ship your products once an order is sent to them.

Benefit of Third-Party Fulfillment

According to Wix, eCommerce businesses on the Wix platform who utilize third-party fulfillment services increase their sales revenue by 25%. This can be a huge return for you. Plus with the infrastructure these fulfillment centers have in place, you can get your items shipped faster, and more accurately to give your customer a better experience. As returns occur in your business, these solutions can help you handle and reinventory them all while providing a high quality customer experience. When you don’t have to store your products yourself and try to fulfill orders all day you can take more time back to grow your business. 


ShipHero can put your mind at ease. If you need technology to help streamline your warehouse processes or want someone to take over the fulfillment process entirely they have you covered.  Their services include a top tier warehouse management system (WMS), high quality inventory management, and a fully outsourced fulfillment service. Which means you have more time to focus on business growth. With a one click fulfillment integration into your store, you gain a fully outsourced fulfillment solution which can help you ship 30% faster and includes transparent flat-rate fees. With their PostHero integration you can track package progress for your customers and recognize and address fulfillment gaps. And their Client Support team is highly rated and eager to help you with any questions.

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment

As a part of the Wix App Market, you have access to the Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MFC) app. Here you can utilize Amazon’s low cost fulfillment solution and offer delivery in as fast as one day with low shipping costs. You do not have to sell your product on Amazon to get the benefit of fast shipping or to utilize their carriers. Your customers can see delivery dates at checkout as well as receive email insights on when they can expect their order. And the MFC automatic inventory placement processes allows you to place your products closer to your customers. Plus with the power of Amazon behind you, this solution will scale up and down as you need without increasing your fixed costs. 


Through your Wix store, if you sell a Printful product, you can fully automate your fulfillment process. This print-on-demand dropshipping company allows you to sell custom products online without the cost of keeping inventory. They help you with customization of clothing, stickers, hats, stationary, posters, and much more. For these products they source high quality materials so your products can make a lasting impression. If you don’t have a design in mind, they do have a built-in Design Maker to help you generate one and test what it would look like on different products! They don’t require any order minimums. And they utilize local fulfillment services in your area so you can be a part of growing local businesses. 

Selery Fulfillment

Wix eCommerce store owners can get same-day eCommerce fulfillment options through Selery. They help businesses save money by removing costs which bog business owners down. With a bird’s eye view order dashboard, you can track your entire order through the fulfillment process from beginning to end. And they offer you a dedicated customer service representative so when a problem arises you can quickly reach them via live chat or a quick phone call. In order to make reverse logistics easier, their dedicated returns team will process returns as they come in order to ensure your customers will get their refund quickly. Plus, they will integrate everything across your order and fulfillment processes for you so you don’t have to try and integrate them yourself. 

Next Smart Ship

This solution is geared towards small and mid-size businesses who face problems like limited budget, and lack of time, to build their own fulfillment process. They can help you expand your offering with international shipping partners located in China, United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia. And you can utilize their Smart Platform which is an inventory management software to make your fulfillment workflow simple by utilizing intelligent channel planning, automated order management, real-time order tracking, and multi-platform management. On top of it all, they can help with customized packaging and kitting as an additional service. 


With easy integration into your Wix eCommerce store, NovEx can help you upgrade your eCommerce order fulfillment. They strive to have the latest technology within the eCommerce industry and with your Wix integration they can help you automate your fulfillment processes. Their supply chain experts will consult with you to find the best fulfillment process for your business. This solution is simple to set up and integrate into your eCommerce website and once you connect you’ll see order tracking and inventory management reports. 


The goal at Fulfyld is to become a partner who supports your eCommerce fulfillment service needs. You can connect your store to their platform with seamless integrations to get your inventory started at a Fulfyld location. From there they will distribute your inventory to the most effective location based on your client order history. When a client places an order, they will pack and ship the product out. Plus, they can help you with subscription box fulfillment and Kickstarter backer rewards. Overall, they will help you simplify your fulfillment process and take the logistical burden load off your shoulders. 

Sup Dropshipping

As one of the apps on the Wix marketplace, Sup Dropshipping is a one stop dropshipping service. They have a Dropcustom Creator which helps you develop your print on demand products and they offer free sourcing services for those products. Plus they don’t charge any hidden usage fees and don’t require a credit card up front. They also value the quality of your products and know how much you do. Because of this they offer a product inspection service to help you test product quality before it ever hits your clients door. And with custom product photoshoots, they can help your products shine in their description image so they are as exciting to clients as they are to you. 


With ShipBob you can sync your products from your store to their fulfillment dashboard. Using their dashboard you can gain their fulfillment, shipping, and warehousing services for your eCommerce store. They offer 30+ global fulfillment centers and 2-day express shipping throughout the US. With their customization suite you can offer your customers gift notes, customized packaging, custom packing slips, and custom labels. In addition they also have global offerings throughout the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the EU. And no matter what your location orders run through ShipBob’s warehouse management system so ShipBob’s high standard SLAs now apply to your business. 


When you connect your Wix eCommerce site to CartRover, you can standardize your order tracking and inventory integrations between other eCommerce sources. With your Wix store integration they offer sales order downloads, sales order deliveries, shipment tracking, and inventory level reporting. As orders come through your system and a client is checking out, CartRover will use address verification technology to standardize US addresses, standardize international addresses, and hold orders with incorrect addresses. You also get the ability to load in or ignore orders based on specific criteria so you can batch send your orders to specific states or with specific high priority products. 


Order fulfillment can be messy and time consuming. Some small businesses try to keep up with a massive demand of orders while also managing and maintaining an entire business. When this happens things unintentionally get missed. Orders can fall through the cracks, quality control can slip, and as an owner you can feel torn between completing orders and promoting your business. But now, there is no reason to do all of this on your own. 

With Wix, your eCommerce site can come to life and give you the ability to leverage the tools and apps Wix can integrate into directly. Take a tip from them. Leverage tools to make your life easier. Picking a fulfillment service to take on your order management and processing will feel like a breath of fresh air if you are trying to do it all on your own. Suddenly you have more time on your hands to focus on what matters. And with their expertise you can strategize on how to improve your customers experience with a stellar fulfillment process. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes in customer satisfaction, and overall customer retention. 

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