Compare ShipHero vs. Logiwa | Which Warehouse Management Solution Reigns Supreme?

ShipHero vs. Logiwa: Know All the Best Options

ShipHero and Logiwa are popular names in the Warehouse Management Software (WMS) space. Keep reading to compare both companies’ offerings, pros and cons, and how well ShipHero performs as an alternative to Logiwa.

ShipHero Overview

ShipHero is a WMS provider known for its end-to-end solution that covers every aspect of managing an eCommerce warehouse. It offers tools for order fulfillment, inventory management and sales forecasting, making it a comprehensive solution for eCommerce businesses.


  • Sales Forecasting: ShipHero provides sales forecasting features, enabling data-driven decisions for future demand potentially improving inventory management and customer satisfaction.
  • Extensive Integrations: ShipHero integrates with major eCommerce platforms, shipping carriers, and industry leaders, ensuring seamless connectivity across the eCommerce ecosystem.
  • End-to-End Control: ShipHero offers comprehensive control and visibility over warehouse operations, including stock monitoring, optimized picking routes, and AI-driven packaging recommendations.
  • Transparent Pricing: ShipHero’s transparent pricing options include clear tiers and custom enterprise quotes.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: ShipHero is suitable for medium-sized businesses, 3PLs, and large enterprises, with no contract options and free onboarding.

Bottom Line: 

ShipHero is the go-to choice for DTC brands and 3PLs seeking advanced features like sales forecasting, end-to-end control over warehouse operations, an extensive library of available integrations, and an open API. It’s highly adaptable and transparent in pricing.

Logiwa Overview:

Logiwa is a cloud-based WMS provider known for its accessibility, tailored plans, and focus on digital warehousing. It offers solutions for order fulfillment, inventory management, and efficiency optimization.


  • Tailored Plans: They provide a variety of custom plans, including options for different business sizes and specific needs.
  • Mobile App: Their app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, enabling on-the-go scanning, verification, and information updates.
  • Digital Warehousing Focus: They emphasize digital warehousing with features like smart picking and mobile scanning, designed to streamline warehouse operations.

Bottom Line: 

The key difference between Logiwa and ShipHero is the former’s Android-compatible mobile app. Objectively, ShipHero is a more complete WMS solution than Logiwa and provides a wide option covering all warehouse management aspects. 

ShipHero vs. Logiwa

In the competitive world of Warehouse Management Software, ShipHero and Logiwa emerge as top contenders. 

While both streamline warehouse operations, a closer look reveals ShipHero as the superior choice for many businesses.

End-to-End Control and Visibility

ShipHero: ShipHero excels at providing end-to-end control and visibility. Users can monitor stock levels, optimize picking routes, and even receive AI-driven packaging recommendations. This holistic approach empowers decision-making and enhances overall business performance.

Logiwa: Logiwa offers control over warehouse operations but doesn’t match ShipHero’s comprehensive feature set for visibility and decision support.

Integration Domination

ShipHero: With an impressive array of integrations, ShipHero stands out. It seamlessly connects with major eCommerce platforms, shipping carriers, and industry giants like NetSuite and SPS Commerce. This robust integration network ensures smooth data flow, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Logiwa: While Logiwa offers integrations, it’s behind ShipHero regarding diversity and breadth. For extensive connectivity with your eCommerce ecosystem, ShipHero takes the lead.

Beyond the Basics

ShipHero: ShipHero goes beyond order fulfillment and inventory management. It equips users with powerful sales forecasting tools, granting valuable insights into future demand. This data-driven approach can lead to improved profits and heightened customer satisfaction.

Logiwa: Logiwa primarily focuses on warehouse operations, offering solutions for picking, packing, shipping, and optimization. However, it lacks the sales forecasting feature that ShipHero provides.


ShipHero: ShipHero offers transparent pricing, starting at $1,995/month for the Standard WMS and $2,145/month for the 3PL WMS. Custom Enterprise quotes are available upon request.

Logiwa: Logiwa’s pricing varies based on specific plans such as DTC Launch and Growth Editions, Enterprise Edition, 3PL Acceleration Edition, and Wholesales DTC Transition Edition. Pricing details are not publicly available.

ShipHero: The Warehouse Management Powerhouse

  1. ShipHero specializes in order fulfillment and inventory management for eCommerce businesses. They provide comprehensive tools to streamline the entire order fulfillment process, from receiving orders to shipping products.
  2. ShipHero offers real-time inventory tracking, order processing automation, multi-channel order management, and integration with various eCommerce platforms and carriers.
  3. Their strength is helping eCommerce businesses improve order accuracy, reduce shipping errors, and optimize warehouse operations.

Who Should Use ShipHero?

eCommerce businesses & 3PLs that want to benefit from automated order fulfillment processes, especially those with complex inventory management needs, should use ShipHero. By centralizing the process, companies can manage multiple sales channels more efficiently and improve customer experience by ensuring accurate and timely deliveries.

Bottom Line:

ShipHero is a robust solution for eCommerce businesses seeking to streamline their order fulfillment operations, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency. It is a good choice for companies focusing on providing excellent customer service through accurate and on-time deliveries.

Logiwa: A Warehouse Management Software Alternative

  1. Logiwa is a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) designed to optimize warehouse operations. They provide end-to-end warehouse management solutions, including inventory control, order processing, and shipping management.
  2. Logiwa offers advanced features like demand forecasting, warehouse automation, and multi-location inventory management, making it suitable for businesses with complex supply chains and high SKU counts.
  3. They focus on helping businesses reduce warehouse costs, improve order accuracy, and enhance overall supply chain visibility.

Who Should Use Logiwa?

Small- to medium-sized businesses prioritizing optimizing their warehouse operations and supply chain management should use Logiwa. So should companies dealing with high volumes of inventory, multiple warehouses or distribution centers, and a need for real-time visibility into inventory levels and order statuses.

Bottom Line:

ShipHero specializes in eCommerce order fulfillment and inventory management, while Logiwa focuses on warehouse management and supply chain optimization. ShipHero offers a complete warehouse management solution, while Logiwa provides similar features but focuses more on supply chain optimization.

Key Takeaways

  • ShipHero is a WMS provider with extensive integrations, advanced features like sales forecasting, and end-to-end control over operations.
  • Logiwa is a cloud-based WMS provider known for accessibility and focus on digital warehousing.
  • ShipHero excels in integrations, sales forecasting, and end-to-end control, while Logiwa offers responsive support, tailored plans and mobile app support.
  • ShipHero is best suited for eCommerce businesses seeking to streamline order fulfillment operations and improve customer experience; Logiwa caters to companies looking to reduce warehouse costs and enhance visibility into inventory levels.

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ShipHero vs. Logiwa FAQs

How does ShipHero compare?

When it comes to integrations, there’s no contest between ShipHero and Logiwa. ShipHero boasts one of the widest integration networks in the industry, connecting with major names in eCommerce, shipping, logistics, and robotics. You can connect most platforms to the software and instantly sync your data, reducing errors.

While both provide reports on inventory and sales, only ShipHero provides upfront data on potential future demand based on past sales.

Does ShipHero offer inventory optimization?

Yes, ShipHero offers inventory optimization through its warehouse management software. Some of its inventory management features include cycle count, reorder and replenishment level setting, multi-warehouse allocation and putaway optimization. These help you efficiently track stock levels, manage inventory movement, and improve your warehouses’ picking and packing efficiency.

Does Logiwa offer eCommerce management?

Yes, Logiwa offers eCommerce management through its WMS integrations. It automatically updates your stock levels to prevent understocking and overselling.

ShipHero vs Logiwa: Which has better functionality?

ShipHero’s Warehouse Management System has better functionality and more features. Aside from its order fulfillment and inventory management solutions, it offers putaway optimization, automation rules, and detailed sales forecasting tools.

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