2023 ShipHero Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to finish up that holiday shopping! We’re highlighting some of our favorite clients and their favorite items for gifting. Check out the goodies below and click through to round out your gift list.

Aruba Aloe

Founded in 1890, Aruba Aloe is one of the few Aloe companies in the world that grows, harvests, and processes its own Aloe on-site.

Aruba Aloe Special Care Lotion 2oz

An Aruba Aloe cult classic! Intensely hydrating and with an extra infusion of Vitamin E, this lotion is also blended with Pure Aloe Vera from Aruba and moisturizing Jojoba Oil to replenish dry, irritated skin and help keep skin soft and supple.

DFTBA – Awesome Coffee Club

A coffee subscription you can feel good about! We source the best beans from small farms in Columbia, send them to you on a regular schedule, and 100% of profits are donated to radically reduce maternal and child mortality in Sierra Leone.

Octavia *Medium-Dark Roast*

Octavia is a rich, well-balanced, medium-dark roast of Arabica beans. With tasting notes of dark chocolate and a hint of molasses, Octavia elevates your everyday coffee to truly awesome. Buy individual bags, or subscribe to save 12% each month, and an additional 25% off your first order!


Momofuku Goods gives home cooks access to restaurant-grade products that make cooking more accessible, fun, enjoyable, and delicious.

Momofuku Chili Crunch

Meet Momofuku Chili Crunch. This spicy-crunchy chili oil is our go-to way of adding a flash of heat and texture to our favorite dishes.

Developed by David Chang and the Momofuku Goods team, Chili Crunch is restaurant-tested and the result of a decade of research. 

With three types of Mexican chilis, crunchy garlic and shallots, Chili Crunch is the perfect balance of spicy and crunchy.

Hundreds of 5-star reviews agree that it’s great for spicing up dips, eggs, noodles, BBQ, and more.

Nomad Cosmetics

Nomad Cosmetics offers beauty products inspired by captivating destinations from around the world for those that love to explore and discover.

Nomad Air Frequent Flyer Beauty Essentials Collection

Dreamed up in the air! Introducing our new Nomad Air 4-piece skin care and make-up collection. These beauty essentials blend the best of what nature has to offer with science-backed innovative ingredients for clean formulas that counter the effects of frequent travel. There’s no added dyes or fragrances – just ultimate hydration – in aircraft-inspired aluminum packaging that is plastic-free.

The Season is Upon Us

Finish up that holiday shopping with these unique and special items available from our valued customers. ShipHero prides itself on working with brands and 3PLs that strive for the best in service and customer satisfaction. Our WMS works as the ultimate warehouse operating system to make it easy for all of our customers to run more cost-effective and efficient warehouses. Our full-service fulfillment solution takes away the headache of managing your own DTC and wholesale fulfillment so you can focus on truly building your business.

If you’d like to learn more about how ShipHero can make your DTC, 3PL or Wholesale life easier, reach out today!

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