Feeding The Hunger


Youfoodz is on a mission to make healthy eating easy.  Leading the Australian market delivering fresh ready-made meals and juices primarily available via e-commerce. Demand has been insatiable.


Success can be a curse, demand was placing stress on their warehouse and they needed a solution that could help them scale.

Just Simplify It


When reviewing existing warehouse procedures it became clear there was too much thinking and decision making required through the pick, pack & ship process.


Oh, and paper, lot’s of paper.


Simple plan then. Eliminate the paper and let the warehouse pickers and packers focus on the instructions.

Great Meals Have Great Ingredients


The team went about implementation extensive automation rules for how orders are prioritized, handled, boxed and shipped.


As the food is fresh, inventory management along with lot and expiration tracking simplified replenishment.


Pickers followed their pick routes on mobile devices, packers verified picked items for orders and followed the packing instructions. Not a single printed pick list to be found.

Simple Ingredients are Better


Sometimes simplifying process is all it takes to increase productivity, accuracy of fulfillment targets and ultimately, happy customers.


With ShipHero, it’s not technology for the sake of technology, we obsess with how warehouses can run better by eliminating the complicated stuff.  Don’t get us started on paper.