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Thank you for your interest in ShipHero’s Accelerator Program for eCommerce Startups. The Application Period for Q4 2021 is now CLOSED. Applications for Q1 2022 will be available starting on January 3, 2022. 

Skyrocket to the eCommerce Finish Line

ShipHero’s Accelerator Program for eCommerce Startups

As a new eCommerce startup, you’re ready to blast your way to success and move full speed ahead. There’s only one problem - you don’t exactly know how to get there. Even the bravest rocketeers have star charts.

This is why ShipHero’s Founder and CEO, Aaron Rubin, has decided to launch the Accelerator Program for eCommerce Startups.

Like many of you, Aaron first bootstrapped his business with just $435,000 from friends and family. That was in 2013. Just 8 years later, in 2021, ShipHero received $50 million in investment capital and continues to grow.

And now, Aaron, and his team of heroes are ready to share their knowledge and expertise with an eCommerce startup just like yours.
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Accelerate and Succeed

The ShipHero Accelerator Program for eCommerce Startups will be a year-long program. Qualified applicants will meet the following criteria:

• New to ShipHero
• Under 5,000 shipments a month
• Less than 2 years old
• Received less than $1 million in funding
• Will agree to participate in all marketing communications, including, but not limited to:  client testimonial videos, case study publication, social media posts, YouTube videos for the Accelerator Program and on page content at as well as participating partner websites and digital properties

Once ShipHero has received the applications, a selection process will take place and 5 businesses per quarter (starting with Q4 2021), will be selected to participate.

New application rounds will be open throughout the year. Make sure to check back here for details and new dates.

Countdown to Success

Here’s what ShipHero’s Accelerator Program for eCommerce Startups can do for you.

• Give you access to enterprise scale software at a 90% discount.
		• Connect you to a peer group via a shared Slack channel. Chat with other Accelerator program participants and find out more about how they are succeeding. (Available for the 1st year only.)
		• A monthly 1:1 mentoring call from a ShipHero subject matter expert that goes beyond just the software including process, warehouse hiring and management, carrier selection and importing.
		• Monthly Roundtable with all current accelerator program participants to discuss more universal issues in the eCommerce space.
		• Amazing offers from our eCommerce partners below:
  1. Loop – 30% discount for one year (up to $5,000 in savings!), find out more about their solutions HERE.
  2. Shippo – $1,000 USPS postage credit, find out more about their solutions HERE.
• FREE brand exposure through marketing communication by ShipHero.

Special Accelerator Pricing Structure

  • 1
    Selected brands will receive ShipHero’s Warehouse Management Software at a discounted rate of $199 a month for 1 year (That’s a 90% discount!). Brands will also receive 5 free users, with additional users charged a discounted rate of $49 per user.
  • 2
    *Beginning in year two, Accelerator program brands will receive ShipHero’s software for $999 per month (Still a 46% discount!). Brands will continue to receive 5 free users; however, year 2 brands will be charged the discounted rate of $99 per additional user.
  • 3
    By year 3, all Accelerator program brands will be charged at the current list price for ShipHero’s shipping software and additional user seats.